How To Set Up A Cashier Autobot That Works For You For Life

Fabian Tan

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Is setting up a payment merchant gateway on the Internet really expensive?

An aspiring Internet entrepreneur a few years ago would need hundreds of dollars to set up his own ordering system and shopping cart on the Internet. Now that has changed. It is now far easier to get started than ever before.

Imagine if you can set up an ordering system for a price so low, your first few sales will immediately cover it's costs.

At an offline store, buying the cashier equipment (or POS machine) and hiring a cashier at that, will cost thousands of dollars. And it is something you have to pay for and maintain every month.

On the Internet, just set up once and you are done. Your ‘cashier autobot’ works for you 24 hours round the clock, 365 days a year, dosen't demand benefits, dosen't get tired, and dosen't need to be fed.

How much does this cost, you are asking? Well it can be as low as nothing. At, you can set a shopping system for free. A small percentage of your sales (1%-5%) goes to them, but it is a drop in the ocean.

If you want a more established service, provides it for you. For $50 your completely secure and efficient payment gateway is set up.

For those with a tight budget, you can also go for Paypal. All these services allow you to process credit cards with no risk (and I hate risk) on your part, because the processor handles all the work for you.

Fabian Tan makes a short trip to his office everyday – his home! In 2006, he ‘murdered’ his job and now earns a solid income online. Go behind the scenes to discover more of his job-killing strategies and secrets at


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