A Unique Way To Get Free Ezine Adertising

Gary Baker

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One of the best no cost ways to get exposure for your product or website is with free ezine advertising.

Free ezine advertising can save you hundreds of dollars on your budget and at the same time actually increase your profits.

One of the best ways of getting free ezine advertising is to write up a review on a product that you own or one that you are an affiliate for.

Once you've got a product, simply write out the best and worst, or the good and the bad that the product has to offer.

Be sincere and honest.

Do not make the review an advertisment for the product but make it useful in content.

Write your review like you would write to a friend.

Include tips, bullet points, words of wisdom, etc, to give your readers credible information they can use in their decision to purchase.

At then end of your review, place a resource box that contains a short ad about the product and the link to the website.

Once you get the review complete, you can search for ezines that deal with your subject matter going over to http://ezinelocater.com

There you will find thousands of ezines on just as many topics.

Ezine publishers are constantly looking for new and useful content so they can publish it to their readers.

This is why free ezine advertising is powerful.

Compile a list of 25-30 ezines that target your product review.

Write a short email to them letting them know who you are and what your review is all about.

Tell them they can publish your review for free as long as they keep the review in exact order.

You'll be amazed at how fast some publishers will take you up on your offer.

As an added benefit to them and to boost your free ezine advertising you can set them up with their own affiliate link and if or when they publish the review, they can split profits with you.

Give this a try to get the most out of your free ezine advertising.

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