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It’s estimated that nearly $1.9 Trillion are traded daily on the world’s largest market: FOREX.

An entire industry exists to exploit the spread between one currency and another. This may be the most poignant example of Arbitrage of them all.

In the traditional sense, arbitrage does not entail the possibility of a loss: it is the practice of buying something at a fixed price and selling it to an existing buyer for a pre-established price. The profit margin is built in.

This is often not the case as billions of dollars are “gambled” on the currency and stock markets, buying low, selling high.

The players in these markets sit on enormous sums of money. Even a difference of 0.5 percent can make a killing for the portfolio owner and this is what they strive to do, day after day.

The problem with arbitrage at this level is not its complexity but rather the obscene amounts of capital required to make it worthwhile.

0.5% of 100 million dollars is still five hundred thousand: not bad for a day’s work.

The capital and profits are flipped again and again and the capital base often grows quickly and effortlessly.

Adsense Arbitrage functions on a completely different level.

It involves more variables that require “personal” attention. It does not enjoy infinite vertical scalability. Meaning at some point you can’t just pump more money into the same “pick”, you have to diversify.

This makes Adsense Arbitrage unattractive to huge money players since they would potentially need ten of thousands of sites and pages to flip their hundreds of millions on a daily basis.

That is very good news indeed, as it leaves room for small players to make their mark and fortunes.

On a smaller scale, with anywhere between 5$ and $50,000 daily cash flow, profits can be shockingly high, creating an augmentation of starting capital in the several hundred percent range.

Very small numbers like a basic 5$ per day can quickly amount to important sums of money when combined with spectacular ROI, as can be achieved with Adsense Arbitrage.

A very attainable figure is to double returns on investment. For every 5 dollars spent, 10 dollars are returned. On an annual basis, the capital growth exceeds what can be achieved on any stock market.

Assuming that one reinvests all profits from their operation and starts with a capital of only $5 per day for 30 days ($150), Adsense Arbitrage could allow this capital to double every month.

At the end of month 2, capital would be $300, by the end of month 6, it would have grown to $4800. 4 months later the capital would be $76,800.

After a full year, starting with only $5 a day, the reinvested capital would reach a whopping $307,200.

As you can see the profit potential is plainly astronomical. However do not be fooled into counting your dollars before they hatch. The possibility exists but the road to these riches is fraught with the need for proper application and discipline as well as continual testing and improvement.

Adsense Arbitrage Exposed was not written to coax you into taking foolish action based on the desire for fortune. It was written to clarify a system in which exists the possibility of explosive and multipliable profits.

The report assumes a certain level of knowledge from the reader as the author cannot cover all the bases, which for the time being will be relegated to the “fluff chapters” of less savory ebooks.

As you get started on your journey to Arbitrage profits, I invite you to proceed with caution and patience, giving each step and element the importance it deserves.

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