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First of all, if you are new and want to know how you can make money online you are probably thinking about all those overnight millionaires and their stories on how they struck it rich.

Rule number 1: Dismiss those thoughts and keep a sane mind until you find what it is you want to actually do.

Yes, the most common mistake that people often make when trying their hand at making money online is that they don't know that the Internet is a beast that has to be treated in a certain way.

So most look at “get rich quick" “make money while you sleep" web sites, that in most cases are full of nothing more than lies, lies and more lies.

Then they suddenly find “the" opportunity of a life time, from some one who usually professes to have” been there" and “understands" what they are going through, but has now found " financial freedom" and wants to share it with them, but they” must" act quick or the opportunity will either be banned or lost for ever.

Now out comes the credit card and out goes another $197.00, $97.00, $67.00, $47.00, $27,00 or what ever it is that the “system" costs, only to find that the “system" guaranteeing them to make money is nothing more than a system guaranteeing to make more money for the person that has sold it to them.

Ahhhh! Now, it's all coming into place, they finally know how these people make their “millions", the Internet is full of suckers (after all they were sold on the idea, surely there has to be millions more like them).

So they embark on a course to do the same, cut, copy (add a bit of your own) and paste a new fresh get rich program.

So all that’s needed now is to put it up on a web site then watch the money come in. But it is not that easy.

If you want to succeed online you have to know what you want to do or be.

1: Do you want to be a reseller of products with your own web site?

2: Do you just want to refer others to your affiliates web site?

These are very crucial points to consider, let me explain why.

If you want to sell products from your own web site then you want to be a web master, but unless you have your own unique product to sell why would people come to your site to buy something they can get from the original site?

From a beginners stand point you are better off referring people to a sales page, the work is done for you and all you have to do is refer people to their site and if a sale is made then you get a commission.

All the hassle of a sales copy and hosting is not a worry.

Many people are making comfortable incomes and huge commissions by simply referring others to their affiliate sites.

Tony Saff is the Author of Hover ad creator and other software for internet marketers. He operates a few off line and online companies and has been self employed for the last 15 years.


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