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Most eBook sellers start their Internet Marketing career on eBay; they do this because it is so easy to get started and most sellers start by selling other authors eBooks with resale rights.

As they become more experienced they learn the real money is in selling their own eBooks that they own all the rights to. So they start publishing their own eBooks with resale rights in the hope it will go viral and promote their products, services and recommendations.

And this is where you need to make sure you do things right. Fail here and your eBay eBook business is doomed. Here are a few tips that will help your eBook go viral.

1. Include a sales page. This is the biggest mistake I see made. Most of us simply don't have the time to create a sales page for your eBook. You know your product better than anyone else so include a well written sales page. Without a sales page it probably won't end up on eBay.

2. Include graphics. A good sales page will have good quality graphics including at least one eBook cover. Try to include many different variations if possible so your re-seller can personalise the page to suit their taste.

3. Don't have a minimum sales price. Some will disagree with this but if you have a minimum selling price this will prevent others selling your eBook. Plus this won't stop it ending up on eBay for 1 cent anyway.

4. Don't put any restrictions on distribution. Some people say their eBooks cannot be sold on auction sites???? I know this is done to keep the value of the eBook up but what's the point of creating something with resale rights that can earn you a backend income if you are going to restrict distribution? Allow it to be given away, added to membership sites, added to compilations, etc, etc.

5. Create a quality product others will want to sell. If your eBook is good quality it will go viral all on its own, if your eBook is poor no one will sell it so take your time on your eBook and make it the best you can.

6. If possible allow some links to be branded. If you gave me a good quality eBook that could earn me money AFTER I have sold it do you think you will have more chance of me adding it you my eBay inventory? Of course you would so if possible try to create eBooks that can be branded. As long as some links still benefit you it will still make you money.

7. Contact other eBook sellers on eBay and offer to cross promote by selling each others eBooks. If you can find 100 like minded eBay eBook sellers you can have 100 people actively promoting your eBooks and you can have 100 extra eBooks for your eBay inventory.

8. I would also encourage you to sell other authors eBooks. Most eBooks have contact details or a web-link. Contact the authors and work with each other by selling each others eBooks on eBay.

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