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Get An Unique Promise For Your Internet Home Based Business Opportunity


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Let`s think how you could make a difference, or have a unique promise, among internet home based business opportunities. Generally speaking it is hard, I would say impossible, to make a difference with the products only. That`s why your home based business opportunity should concentrate into services, i. e. to serv your ”opportunity ” visitors, new and returning ones.

Think how your internet home based business opportunity should look like and in which way it could serve or help your customers. What do they need from you to be able to buy? How could you as a webmaster help them?

How can you judge, which service components are important? Well, the best way is to visit several internet home based businesses and make a small business analyze of those opportunities. When you`ll find internet home based business you like, ask yourself, why do I like this?

Is this one of the opportunities, you would like to get? Look at the lay-out, colours, copy, banners and everything, which makes that particular web site so different among home based business opportunities. A brand. Ask yourself: does this business opportunity promise clearly something for you and if yes, what is it?

Internet Home Based Business Opportunities Are Like Brands.

If they are real opportunities, they must have a clear, different promise for the people, who search internet home based business opportunities. That promise will select the right people to become customers for your business opportunity.

If you agree with me and take services as a tool to build up a unique, customer-oriented internet home based business opportunity, let`s have a small brainstorming. When you have surfed through different internet home based business opportunities, what you were missing? What was the personal, warm touch, that the internet home based opportunity you liked, was missing?

Were you missing an opportunity to see, what is new? Maybe a new opportunity to get technical help. Did that internet home based business look like an active one, updating the web site all the time?

You may noticed that many web sites do not look like businesses, like retail shops, but like internet home based business opportunities staying were they have stayed for a long time. Those are warning examples.

Your opportunity could have a wide selection of useful internet customer services. A separate ”I take care of you”- section for starters in internet home based business opportunity, an article directory, a lot of free quality internet marketing ebooks, internet marketing courses, internet marketing tools, opportunities to join separate affiliate businesses, opportunity to join a discussion forum and an overall ”I`ll help you in everything”- touch, so that the visitors will trust you.

But the most important is that your internet home business customers feel that you, as a human being are there to serve them. You have to put yourself into fire. It is a fact that no-one can copy or imitate your way to run your internet home business, i. e. Yout attitude and the style you write. It is said that all decisions concerning the business opportunity are made by feelings.

Now you understand how important it is, when you run internet home business opportunities to have a big personal touch. That you can easily do by writing articles and new web pages, posting to your home business opportunity blog, sending ” business opportunity ”- customer newsletters, writing emails and giving helpful online service. This is how the image of your internet home business opportunity will grow and over time it will be a strong brand.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc.Marketing Find internet home based business opportunity to make a stream of internet income. Visit:


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Blogging Is A Great Internet Home Based Business Opportunity
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