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Keyword Elite is a keyword software created by the developers of SEO Elite. This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of Keyword Elite SEO software in this review and then give a final conclusion about whether Keyword Elite software (adwords and adsense) is really worth the money being charged for it or whether you should save your money and use free keyword tools.

Chances are if you have been involved in internet marketing that you have probably heard of the software called Keyword Elite. I too had heard a lot about Keyword Elite for a number of years actually. However, I did not have much appeal for Keyword Elite or its price tag as I had been stung far too many times by buying the next best internet product or software that was going to be “the" thing that was going to allow me to give up my day job and become a full-time or part-time internet marketer.

However, as many internet marketing friends spoke to me about Keyword Elite helped me in their business I thought I would look further into Keyword Elite and give an honest review about the software known as Keyword Elite. Below I'm going to go into a few of the cons of Keyword Elite software.

Firstly, Keyword Elite does not come cheap. While it would be affordable to most people in the long run, it is perhaps an investment that some people would have trouble paying in one lump sum up front. However, as with many things, you do get what you pay for and Brad Callen is famous for creating great internet marketing software.

Secondly, Keyword Elite takes a while to come to grips with. Of course some people who are “computer savvy" would probably have no trouble getting a handle on Keyword Elite as soon as you have downloaded Keyword Elite. However, if you are like me, it could a day or even a week to really make full use of some of Keyword Elite's powerful software components.

Thirdly, once you download Keyword Elite you may have trouble knowing what you should do and how you should move forward putting Keyword Elite into action.

Fourthly, there are some keyword tools available online that are free to use like the one at digital point and Wordtracker. However, recently the Yahoo Overture keyword tool is proving to be far less reliable than it used to be. There are limits to what free keyword research tools will do for you and your business in the short term.

Fifthly, as Keyword Elite leaves no stone unturned it is not an easy software to immediately put into action unless these things come easily to you. However, I discuss later in this article about the kind of tools that are available to help you overcome the downside of Keyword Elite.

To me these are the primary cons of Keyword Elite software.

Now let me share with you some of the pros of using Keyword Elite.

Firstly, Keyword Elite software is designed for both Adwords marketers and Adsense marketers. With Keyword Elite you are able to find the best Adsense keywords to use to monetize your site for the highest Adsense payouts. Also, with Keyword Elite you are able to find out what keywords are being bidded on by Adwords marketers, and how many Adwords ads there are currently for those keywords. You are also able to learn which keywords are searched the most in Google for your niche, and perhaps more importantly, which of these niche keywords have the least competition.

If natural search engine optimization is something that interests you then Keyword Elite will give you a clue which keywords you should optimize your site for with less competing pages on Google.

Secondly, Keyword Elite is not one keyword program. It is actually five keyword programs all in one, for one price. The first part of the program involves keyword research, including misspellings.

The third program in Keyword Elite is where you can do your Google Adwords research. Keyword Elite will reveal what the top keywords are for your niche and what the top bids are. Many affiliate marketing books teach that keyword research should not be difficult. If certain keywords are being bidded on over a period of time then they must be worth bidding on. So simply copy the best and use the keywords that others are using on a trail basis.

Another great feature of Keyword Elite which is often not found anywhere else is misspelled keywords. Unless you are a fast and accurate typist more often than not keywords can be spelt incorrectly and these misspelt keywords shown in Keyword Elite are a great way to get some inexpensive Adwords and Adsense traffic.

Though this is not something I'm greatly interested in at the moment, I can see the potential. Keyword Elite (adsense) has the ability to actually create Adsense pages for you. Knowing how complicated Adsense code can be Keyword Elite does make it very simple to create unique Adsense templates and pages with your own unique Adsense code embedded throughout.

Now there are some sites available that will do this next Keyword Elite software program for free, however it is included in the Keyword Elite software package. The fourth Keyword Elite program will show you the keywords that the top websites are using in your niche for their search engine optimization. As I say, you can actually do something similar for free at , however, it is included in the Keyword Elite software package and is very powerful if you are after free search engine traffic.

Now the fifth Keyword Elite software program is actually underestimated by many Keyword Elite buyers. This is a great tool for Adwords advertisers. This Keyword Elite feature actually allows you to legally spy on your Adwords competitors to find out what Adwords ads they continually use to make money online. With Keyword Elite you can legally spy however long on your Adwords competition. I suggest spying on your competitors for at least one week. If they continue to run their Adwords ads for more than a week they are probably making money because Adwords users in particular hate losing money and will drop ads as soon as they are running at a loss.

Now I admit that in this review of Keyword Elite I have found that there are a few serious flaws in Keyword Elite. However, on the whole, even given the price for Keyword Elite, it is well worth the money considering you actually get five keyword programs in one.

I highly recommend you try out Keyword Elite for yourself. In fact, it comes with a money back guarantee so you can try out Keyword Elite without much risk at all. I hope you have found this Keyword Elite review helpful. I don't believe Keyword Elite is a scam or a waste of money. Download Keyword Elite and Keyword Elite videos from the link below.

Copyright 2007. Wait! Don't buy Keyword Elite unless it's from the website below. Download SEO Keyword Elite for your online business at and access Keyword Elite bonus videos and exclusive bonuses (valued at over $1000.00) at my special Keyword Elite review page.


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