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How to Cross Sell, Up Sell, and Sell Backend Products for Online Profits


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Selling backend products is quite simple. One way to up-sell on your website is to send your visitor to an up-sell web page after they have clicked on the “Buy” link. On this page you can place a short sales letter upgrading them to the premium version of what you’re selling or simply an additional but complimentary product.

If you’re using direct mail you can simply put an up-sell offer in a second envelope that goes inside the main envelope. Every time someone buys from you why not include a sell sheet or catalog inside the product package that you are sending to your customer. This allows your customer to look over and purchase even more products from you. If they’ve bought from you once they are likely to do it again. The main key to effective up-selling is in the value quotient.

The value quotient states that Value = Perceived Benefits / Price. When the price stays the same and the perceived benefit goes up, the value goes up. Simply stated; the procedure of up-selling attempts to increase the perceived benefit more than the increase in price, thus resulting in an increase in value and hopefully a successful up-sell. Cross-selling is similar to up-selling; however, it happens over a longer period of time.

Another word for cross-selling is “backend selling”. If you’ve ever heard of the term “backend, ” then you already know about cross-selling. Usually cross-selling to your customer comes after you have established a relationship with them over a period of time and they have purchased one or several products from you already. To set up your cross-selling system you should start by developing a cross-selling list.

This will be a one-to-many list, which identifies all the products you carry that complement (or that someone would be interested in) one product. Once that list is done then you move on to the next product. Cross selling, up selling, and backend selling is one in the same and because of the internet has offered to opportunities for income.

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