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Pay-per-click advertising can be profitable, but also expensive. However, many find it profitable. Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) are the two main ones. You should have one advert for each product that leads the prospect directly to your pre-sales page with the link to the merchant’s sales page and your opt-in form. Never lead a PPC link to your home page. In Adwords you are required to provide two URLs. This first is your top-level home page, and the second is your landing page, i. e. your pre-sales page.

You pay the amount you bid for the keyword every time a visitor clicks to visit your web page. This is why it must lead directly to what you are advertising, since if the visitor does not see the product they want immediately, they will probably leave and you will have spent your money on nothing.

Another good way of advertising is writing an article associated with the product, but not a direct advertisement for it. Submit this to as many article directories as you can and you will earn yourself a few visitors. In fact this could be a major source of visitors, since it is free advertising, and you can do it over and over again, writing lots of different articles on the subject.

Once you have built up a big list from your opt-in forms (a different list for every product though), you will find it easier to make sales by emailing everybody on your list. In the meantime read up about all the possible ways of promoting a product on the internet and use as many as you can.

That’s how to sell other people’s products to make money on the internet. If you need advertising material, your merchant will normally provide that to you. Set up your site, advertise it and away you go. Your sales will increase as you get more experience.

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how to sell other people s products

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People Buy People So Sell On Relationships
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