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I often wonder why people like newspapers with eye-catching layout and lots of images compared to ones with mainly descriptive stories. Is that the reason why tabloids are read more vis-à-vis mainline papers?

The point that troubles blog-writer like me is whether the readers find my blog readable. I don’t mean if my essays are all bones with no flesh to offer. Okay, my blog is not a well-known entity. Not many visitors drop in, though I’m trying hard to increase eyeballs. But whoever does come. . , does he/she find it a cozy corner to spend some time?

It’s difficult to hazard a guess, but I’m increasingly feeling inclined to believe that the more there are other things in the blog, the more the chance is to retain my viewers. What can these ‘other’ things be? Will it be some song and dance video? Heavens no. I cannot imagine entertaining my viewers that way if only because my blog is not about song and dance.

The quest therefore has to be within what is feasible for my blog. I would like to have contents that concern about the subject I deal in, yet not too heavy or too attractive to warrant my viewers leaving in haste.

Until now the choice has been more toward having rss feeds of leading content churners embedded via a feed-reader. An example is that of latest search engine news that I’ve included in my Words2Content homepage through FeedBurner and Grazr (it sometimes works, sometimes not).

The advantage here is that you can choose the feed(s) you like, burn it through FeedBurner and have it served on your blog. There are other feed-readers, so FeedBurner is not the only choice. When you have a constantly updated stream of news presented in a distinct format, you’ve one more reason for your viewers to come dropping in often.

But suppose you’re able to source specific news item which when your visitors click on fetches you money. Yummy, you’d say. Well, that’s precisely what Voxant , the Viral Syndication Network (VSN) offers for your website or blog. Let’s have what Voxant says about this:

When you join the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), you can publish all forms of online news content – video, audio, text and photographs – and monetize your site in the process. Through TheNewsRoom, VSN’s comprehensive online catalog of news, you gain access to compelling, trusted, fully licensed news content.

The idea is that the news you select to be served has adjoining ad that changes depending on demography. When the ad is clicked and revenue generated, the spoil is divided 40-40-20, meaning you the publisher earn 20%, the content provider earns 40% (usually top news agencies like Reuters, AFP, AP and others), while Voxant earns 40%.

What news you can serve? The choice covers a lot of variety – sports, science, entertainment, US news, political stories and so on. All these are collected from Voxant’s partners and stored in its online catalog for ready use.

I’ve embedded (comes as Flash presentation) a couple of news items in my other blog, Kolkata Musing , and they seem to be likened by my viewers.

I’m not sure how my earning will shape up in future. What clinches the issue for me is the ability to have some welcome variation with something that I feel revs up my blog apart from adding a little more value to my viewers’ time.

Partha Bhattacharya owns and runs Words2Content blog that focuses on writing, blogging and optimizing web contents. He also runs Kolkata Musing , a blog on the city of Kolkata in India where he lives.


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