Boost Web Site Traffic With Blogging (and Make a Few Bucks Too!)


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The internet is an animal that feeds on content. Blogs, it turns out, are an excellent source of internet protein and because of that, an excellent way to boost traffic to your web site. Consider this scenario…

You have a web site that sells certain goods and services. You’ve done the search engine thing, but your rankings haven’t changed significantly. You’ve done some advertising, but the competition for keywords for your goods and services is just too high and, besides, you just don’t have the budget to go head-to-head with your competitors.

So you start a blog. On your blog you begin to complain about how unfair it is that your products can’t take their place in the market because they’re really good products. In your writing you regularly crosslink to your web site products pages to illustrate your point. You submit your blog site to some blog search engines (e. g. You’ve become so empowered by the vehemence of your arguments that you write more, including more crosslinks and a bio on yourself and pointers to your site. Just for the fun of it you submit some of your blog articles to article distribution services like Ghostwriters or Articlewheel.

Soon, you note, you are getting comments on your blog – most people are agreeing with you and perhaps a few aren’t. You check your site statistics and, sure enough, traffic is increasing!

Now, you’re pumped. In addition to writing more articles for your blog, you create two other blogs and you expand those in the same way you did the first blog. And while you’re at it, you decide to allow some ads into your first blog.

The next time you sit down with your web site analysis tools, you notice your web traffic has climbed, your blog traffic is climbing, you’ve made a few bucks on your ads, and as a by-product, your search engine rankings seem to have gone up too!

That’s how it works. Now get started.

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Boost Website Profits Start Tracking Your Web Site Traffic and Boost Your ..
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