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Drive Traffic To Your Site Through Pixel Advertising


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What is pixel advertising?

A pixel is a small dimensional square that is on a website. These sites are divided into a dimensional grid that allows people to pick a square or squares to advertise in them. You can submit a picture to be in that pixel area. The pixel then stays on that page for a designated period of time. Some people give away free advertising. Others sell the advertising and allow you to submit your advertisement for a designated period of time. It is effective with the proper amount of advertising.

Where did it come from?

It came from a British Student. He was looking for a way to make some extra money. He thought if he could make a pixel page and sell the pixel blocks that he would be able to make a couple of bucks off of the advertising.

How does pixel advertising drive traffic to your site?

Some pixel advertisements are completely able to drive traffic because they allow affiliates to post the pixel page on their site. When you click on the link that is associated with the pixel advertisement it will take you to a place to sign up to advertise. It also allows people to click on the pixels. Lets say that they have millions of associates that are advertising the website for free on their site. That means that millions of people who visit the different websites the chance to see your website.

Pixel advertising has been creating an income for many groups.

Some create these advertising sites for income, some do it for fundraising, and yet others use it to create a portal for for niche advertisers. It is simple advertising medium and it allows people the ability to make a great income online and offline. It drives traffic to peoples websites by advertising it. People come and they click. Trust me I know from person experience that it really does work. The best pixel site to visit are the wons with good traffic. A pixel site with good traffic will tell you that they are getting traffic from certain sources, and most of the time they will tell you the sources also.

It has been speculated that pixel advertising is a fad.

It has been said that is can't last, but rather we have seen a growth in this type of medium. It has also helped to create other types of advertising. Without this very simple version of advertising, word cloud pages, such as, wouldn't exist. They would be creating other forms of advertising online. It is creating a different type of advertising that will continue to grow online. It has taken something as basic as banner advertising and turned in to a multi million dollar business online. Don't expect it to disappear. You can find pixel advertising by searching for it in Google. The most recent search showed me that their were over 2 millions sites showing up in their database for pixel adverting. I would expect it to keep growing and changing over time. This is just the beginning of pixel advertising!

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