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Emergence of eCommerce - eBusiness-Internet Business!


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Generation of barter system:

Men in ancient times searched and collected their basic food, clothing and shelter requirements from the nature. They processed them in a small way to suit their taste.

Later, they started producing something with the help of nature, stored them for exchanging with the goods of other people. This is when the barter system began.

Medium of exchange:

When the requirements in kinds and quantity were grown up, a common medium of exchange for buying and selling of goods was required. They were coins made out of stone, leather and metals.

Coins and papers:

We are well aware of the present medium of exchange of money. Coins in different metal alloys and paper currencies play the key role in exchanging multifarious goods, services, ideas or concepts in this business world. Banks are the store houses for such moneys and accounting processes for the money depositors.

Paper to plastic cards:

The latest trend is use of plastic cards for making payments. The medium is now shifting towards ‘non material’ and ‘money less’ transactions. We call it electronic commerce. In this, commercial activities are governed by electronic medium and electronic processes as well.

Cash payments gone! Card payments on!

Now, every one pays to their product suppliers and service providers only through credit or debit cards. Payment in cash is more or less gone for ever. All the retail outlets, department stores, restaurants gas stations accept payments through credit cards.

Tele phone and Mail order businesses do welcome cards. The success of the retail business depends on acceptance of credit cards.

Swipe a Card:

The commercial activities are changed now. From direct exchange of money with materials over the counter changed to various selling methods. You can take the goods on the counter or get delivered at home, when you make the payment by swiping a bank’s card.

Tele marketing makes the people to know the products by brands, details by phone or ‘as seen on TV’. They just order on phone and buy it by sending payment by bank draft or cash on delivery system.

E Commerce is a mouse click:

On line business, internet marketing or e-commerce business is exchange of goods and money over internet instead of counter sales. You can see the image of the goods; study the details of the products on the seller’s web site. You can place order and make the payment too instantly.

There is no barrier of time or distance. You can go on line and buy almost any thing you want at any time of the day or night.

If you are having a credit or debit card, you can make the payment by furnishing the number details and secret codes. They dispatch the goods instantly by courier as you pay instantly by a mouse click on your computer.

Websites that sell:

There are a number of websites offer marketing services for sellers and buyers. The very popular sites are “" and “’. These are all extra ordinary websites that sell almost everything on earth.

Simple e commerce site:

In simple format, one can establish an e commerce site through which a “products catalogue" could be displayed with a telephone number and e mail. Those desirous of making a purchase will call on the telephone or inform by an e mail.

The semi electronic process will continue with receiving a bank draft and dispatch through a courier or a cargo service.

Market giants on internet:

The website could be established bigger way with integrating payment gateway. A shopping cart and credit card processing and dispatching system will work instantly. Sometimes, downloadable products could be delivered in a few minutes also., and are mammoth websites covering businesses worldwide with massive stock of products and high volume transactions. They give standard products and assured delivery in short time.

The author is a keen observer of business activities in his vicinity. The article is drawn from his own experiences and knowledge. He is a business strategist guiding young entrepreneurs. He is writing an e book on ‘Business Strategy for Success in Any Business or Job Seeking Activity’.



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