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Internet Marketing Online - 4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Superior

Rasheed Ali

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There are tons of ways to reach out to your customers on the Internet. The Internet never fails to amaze me. A system which people thought six years ago as ‘just another small thing on the Internet’ has been transformed into a world wide phenomenon.

The weblog, more affectionately known as a blog, was previously and is still commonly used as an ‘online diary’. But with the forever-changing Internet, its new purpose has dramatically changed the business world. A business blog, also known as a b-blog, is now the second most used internet marketing online medium on the Internet. The power of blogging has been unsurpassed, making millions of revenue for countless businesses worldwide.

There are many different blogging platforms on the Internet, such as Blogger and Wordpress. Here are the factors of blogging that can contribute to the success of your business.

1. Easy Start Up

A blog is easier to set up than a website. For a website, you have to consider website design and other complex start up systems. You might also need to hire a web designer, and it's going to cost you some money. For a blog, simple design is needed. There is the header graphic. A header graphic is a rectangular design graphic located at the top of a blog. You can have it designed in such a way that it promotes you or your business. As for the design of your blog, there are many different themes that different blogging platforms provide. You have the power of choosing your own theme and colour suitable for your business.

You may also add in plug-ins for your blog. Plug-ins are basically features that add service to the blog, to make it more convenient for you. Plug-ins can be inserted so you can upload your audio or video to your blog, create forums, photo albums and more.

2. Content Publishing

Every single post that is in your blog is your content. Be it an article on your latest product or advice you'd like to give to your customers. Blogging religiously and having regularly updated content is crucial in a blog. In a way, generating content is like having an ongoing conversation with your regular visitor and imparting knowledge on the information that they do not know of. When you have chosen a particular internet marketing online niche like ‘how to lose weight’ for example, you can advice your visitors on how to eat their food in moderation or other exercise tips and techniques. People will then remember your blog, and will continue to visit it regularly to learn more information from you.

Your visitors can also post comments on your blog posts. This shows the interaction you have with your visitors and the impact your blog posts have on them.

3. Traffic Generation

The great thing about a blog is you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog's RSS Feed. RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. What it does is when someone subscribes to your feed, and whenever you update your site, an RSS aggregator/reader will inform your visitor of your newly updated content. This will in turn make them come back to your site to learn more information.

You may submit your blog to Blogosphere, which is a term for a blogging community or you can submit your blog URL or feed to internet marketing online blogs or search engine blogs. Thus, when someone types in a keyword that is related to your blog, a link to your blog will be part of the results and you'll eventually receive traffic.

Tagging is is a form of building incoming links to your blog when you link to other blogs or a search engine for blogs like Technorati. This is mainly in a form of ‘reciprocal linking’. Basically when a high ranking website links back to you, it will improve your search engine rankings and it will bring in more traffic to your blog.

4. Product Placement

You may wonder, where do you think you should put your pictures and how to promote your product. You should place it at a permanent position on the front page of your blog that can be clearly seen by your visitors. You can link the product image to another webpage where you might have a salesletter to promote the product. You can also use the strategy of article marketing. Generate articles that are related to your product and link the articles to the product's webpage. For example, if you write an article on ‘How To Lose Weight In 30 Days', you can recommend them an exercise machine or a health supplement that can help them in their losing weight campaign.

Blogging as you can see, can be classified as the new platform of communication in internet marketing online. More and more business systems are venturing into the online blog marketing method, because the the blogging world is extremely well-known for its simplicity and productibility.

Rasheed Ali, known as the Solution Coach and is a masterful planner in developing successful internet marketing online systems. Find out how he can make you discover the internet millionaire within! Visit his website at


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