Clicking Your Life Away

Sherry L. Asbury

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As I was searching the web one day last week I ran across a phenomenon that I couldn’t resist trying. It is an amazing concept. It is called simply clicking for cash or reading emails. The industry is huge and many stay-at-home people do this for extra money.

Click for cash sites are called “PTR’s” and there is a wide range of types. The concept is simple, you click on a site, register and you are on your way to riches and fame. Okay, so I exaggerate a little.

When you are registered with a PTR your email is then tracked. When you click, a counter appears in the upper left hand side of your screen. It says something like this: “Thank you for supporting our advertisers. You will be credited for looking at this site for“. . . and then a number of seconds appear. They seem to range from one minute to ten seconds. Once you have ‘searched’ the site for the appropriate amount of time the counter blinks, telling you are done. Then you go onto the next ad.

It is a precarious adventure in some ways. Recently someone stole a site’s records and then transmitted a virus through the emails. If you have a decent security system you will not be affected. This mean prank closed down several sites while their owners tried to straighten out the mess.

Here is how the system works. People who want to advertise their web sites pay a fee for doing so on a PTR. Site owners make up an email that has a link to the person’s place of business, often other PTR’s. The link to click includes the word ‘runner’, to help you avoid clicking on everything in sight.

There are “cheat” links at the bottom of most of these emails and if you click this link you are penalized. If you click a cheat link three times, you are thrown out of the site. The purpose of these became clear after an hour or so. Many people cheat in this business. They also have ‘cheat bots’ that surf without the person having to do a thing. The other peculiarity of this endeavor is the language barrier.

When you register you check off different areas of interest to you, such as books or cars. The list is long and thrown in among the choices will be something like this: “I cheat. ” “I can’t read English”, and other obvious silly things. However, this is a world-wide business and many non-English speaking people find it a way to add to their income. The problem being, of course, they cannot read the instructions and just click everything.

Now, as to income. . . if you want to be rich you might want to skip this money-making field. A clicker is credited a range of money from 0.115 cents to one cent on high-paying sites. Sites pay from sixty-five cents to a rare one dollar for 1000 clicks. So order that Lamborghini now, folks.

For those at home all day it is a way to make a few pennies a month and there is a wide social aspect to the whole thing. You meet new people and immerse yourself in a world with its own special jargon and existence.

So, stay-at-home people unite! Get those mice clicking and find a whole new set of friends and interests. It is very simple and involves no selling or referring, a good way to earn a modest amount each month.

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