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Are You Using The Golden Triangle With Your PPC Advertising?


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If you use pay-per-click advertising and are not familiar with the golden triangle, then chances are you have been seeing no results whatsoever. PPC advertising is quite possibly the most aggressive way to get people to notice you. Through buying a spot toward the top of the search engines, you are essentially putting yourself in the position to have hundreds of thousands of people see your website on a daily basis. So what's this have to do with the so-called golden triangle?

Many people have heard of the infamous Bermuda Triangle and all of the myths of it sucking people and ships in. Much like the Bermuda Triangle, the golden triangle sucks people in to specific spots on the search engines. There has been extensive research that has found that a majority of people who search the internet focus on the content and links in a triangle.

If you think about it, when you begin searching for something on the search engines, you will start at the top left and read to the right. From there you will drop down to the next link on the left and continue this process. However, after the first few search listings a majority of people will have already found what they are looking for and stop there; hence, the golden triangle of search marketing.

Therefore, if the highest concentration of visualization is on the first three or four, it only makes sense that your pay-per-click advertising focuses on being in that elite company. It can become quite costly to get in the golden triangle, but the reward will far outweigh the initial costs to get you up there.

As you will notice on the search engines, there are always natural listings on the left of the screen and sponsored listings to the right. The studies have consistently shown that visitors’ drop-off rate will drastically decrease after the first few natural listings, but only the first couple sponsored listings. This is important to you if you opt to get to the top through PPC advertising since PPC advertising is considered sponsored listings.

If you are not willing to buy your way into the top two positions with pay-per-click advertising, you have to be willing to work hard to get to the golden triangle with a natural listing. Through strong keyword optimization in your title and website link, and a solid description of the website that people will see, you will better your chances of climbing within the top three or four natural listing positions.

Although the Bermuda Triangle is still a myth to many people, the golden triangle is no myth at all. There have been continuous studies that bring up the same results every time. Because of this, you have to be willing to pay to get into the top two positions with pay-per-click advertising. Otherwise, let the hard work begin for a top three position in the natural listings.

Paul Jesse is a lifetime student of internet maketing. He created for those interested in working from home. He invites you to visit his website and check out some of the free work from home opportunities.


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