Traffic Avalanche -- Positioning Yourself To Win The Search Engine Wars


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The richest folks in the world are definitely not the most hardworking or smartest. So also those who get the most traffic online are not really any smarter than you are. They probably just did something you haven't done. . .

They positioned themselves to win the search engine wars.

Without any doubt, search engines are the most natural way people find you online. If they don't find you at the engines, you simply don't exist. This is unless you use offline methods like print adverts and the Super Bowl (Let's not even go there - We need stuff for the average Joe or Joana)

So, how do you position yourself for a traffic avalanche?

Simple! How do you catch a rat? Crazy? Hold on, you'll learn from it.

If you belong to the generation that was not privileged to have all “them" electronic gadgets for pest control, you know that you simply set a trap (Or get a cat).

Let's use the trap. . .

You set the trap in the rat's route and bait it with something it loves. You know the rest. That's what you have to do for searchers to find you. . .

1) Know their click-path, know what they are looking for and. . .

2) Get in their click-path and give them just what they want.

3) They'll come in droves. They'll tell their friends who will tell their friends and. . .

4) You'll keep getting massive traffic because you have given them what they want. So how is it done?

In doing all this, you must make sure you give them the highest quality of content you can give. The better your content, the more easily you'll build massive website traffic on the long run. The best part is that you'll keep reaping the results (in massive site traffic) for months or even years for just that.

If you'll like to learn how to build massive website traffic and more, join this group I am currently showing how anyone can get 100,000 high quality visitors monthly within a year.

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Chimezirim Odimba writes to help hardworking folks succeed online.


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