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Link building is one of the key components of SEO. Because it is so vital, it is important to be aware of what to look for and how to correctly go about link building.

The important thing to remember about link building is this - are the sites you are looking at linking to relevant? You might have noticed when you do a search on a search engine like yahoo or Google, next to the website is a percentage. This is the percentage that the search engine rated the site as relevant to the key words you put in. So you might be asking how Google creates this percentage of relevancy? The answer is simple. While it is not the only factor, one of the key factors is the number of sites that contain your link. To get your link on someone else’s page usually involves something called a link exchange or reciprocal link. What this means is, basically, they will put your link on their site in exchange for you doing the same. Here is where the relevancy now comes in. It is vital to make sure that the sites you use for this portion of SEO link building are related in some close fashion to your site. For example, if your web site is on golf and golfing, then a link to a fishing site is not going to be relevant. Not having relevant links in your SEO link building can have a negative impact on your search engine rating . So think carefully before trading links.

Another key to remember with SEO link building is that most search engines prefer the turtle approach. That is to say, slow and steady wins out in the end. Search engines will usually give higher rank and relevancy ratings to those sites that show steady, slow and consistent upward motion.

There is one exception to relevancy ranking that might have an effect on your SEO link building strategies and the time frame you have in mind. Some search engines will not rank a site unless it has been active for a minimum of six months. This time when your site will be unrankable is a good time to practice your SEO link building. It allows a link to age. The longer a relevant link sits on your site and vice versa, the more favorable it is looked upon.

Follow these guidelines when planning out your SEO link building strategy to help ensure that your site makes it all the way to the top. Remember with SEO, link building is all about the relevancy.

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Link Building For SEO On A New Site
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