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At the onset, writing articles seems to be so simple that writers do bung up a lot and make grievous follies. Since everyone who enters the article writing market has good literary skills, they think these skills are enough to pull them through and give them the profits they dream of. But a single mistake could mess up an article. Here are five of the top mistakes article writers commit:

(1) Selecting a poor title and leading paragraph

It is not wrong to say that the major impact of the article is made by the title of the article itself. There are hundreds of similar articles on the net on every topic. So, what sets one article apart from the other – at least initially – is the title of the article. It is the title of the article that incites the visitor to click the article from the search results.

Just as the title is important, the initial paragraph is too. The opening paragraph itself shows the skill of the writer. By reading this one paragraph the reader makes an idea of what to expect further on. Readers on the Internet are impatient. This impatience stems from the fact that there are several options available on the net. Why would they waste time on a shoddily written article when there are thousands of other similar articles they can read?

(2) Poor grammar and narrative approach

Grammar and a definitive writing style must be the USP of any article writer. Bad grammar in an article is totally unacceptable to the reader, whatever the reader’s own linguistic skills may be. Some article writers write in proper grammar, but create inconsistencies in their work. For example, they may sometimes use the first person approach, and then suddenly switch over to the second person or the third person pronoun. This becomes too jarring to the reader.

Mismatch of singular-plural, tenses and numbers are also gross mistakes in an article.

The narrative approach is one more aspect where many amateur article writers fail. Each article should read seamlessly like a story. Readers don’t like to tax their brains to understand the meaning by a particular phrase or sentence. This also makes the article difficult to understand and may make the reader click away to select another article to read.

(3) Lack of information

There are many articles on the net on every topic, but, unfortunately, only some of them carry good information. Others are just copied from other articles by rearranging – and sometimes distorting – the facts. When an article does not provide proper information on the subject, then it fails in its very basic purpose. At least the article must provide the layperson’s knowledge of the matter.

(4) Articles filled with nonsense

Unbelievable as it may seem to the reader, many article writers actually fill their articles with nonsense in order to arrive at their word count. This is nothing short of cheating the reader, but it is very commonly practiced. Just take any article at random and see how much part of the article is actual information and how much is just riff-raff. This will tell you how articles are filled in merely to make up the word count.

Articles that reiterate the same thing in different words also fall into this category. Also included are articles with vague points and observations and weasel words that do not have any justification. Readers are very clever; at the slightest hint of an attempt to fill up meaningless gobbledygook in the article, they would pass on to another site with genuine information in it.

(5) Excessive commercialization

Everyone knows that articles are written for some commercial purpose, like increasing traffic or promoting a product on the website. But if the article becomes too much commercial and employs hype and propaganda for the product or service, then it becomes unacceptable. There are several articles on the net where the writer keeps harping upon the advantages of a particular product till the reader is dazed to boredom. Obviously, such articles are very poor draw.

Articles put up in directories get chance to add a backlink to their authors’ websites. However some writers take undue advantage of this and fill the resource box with several websites. Doing this is very deterring to the progress of the article. There are greater chances that none of the backlinks will be clicked at all.

Article writers are not perfect, just like anything else in this world. They are also prone to make mistakes. It is better if the writer learns from his or her mistakes early on and improves them, or they would be jeopardizing not just the website, but also their individual careers as writers.

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