Conversion Rates: Work On Your Website To Turn Targeted Traffic Into Buyers Of Your Services


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After launching an attractive and informative website on a niche market, achieving quality traffic becomes your next target. Most of the business analysts and experts find traffic conversion more important than the traffic itself. Certainly, you need traffic as it makes your online business a complete success. There will be no potential buyers to convert to sales unless you get the desired traffic.

Conversion of traffic into buyers is considered both an art and a science. The artistic side comes into play when you provide your potential buyer with a compelling copy that appeals his needs and desires. An attractive, informative and compelling copy motivates the targeted traffic that lands at your website to become buyers of products and services and subscribers of your latest offers and newsletters.

But how come traffic conversion is called as science? Well, it breaks down the copy written by you into its key component pieces. Together these key components create a compelling sales page that prompts your visitor to buy your products and services. Your next job is to observe and measure the desired positive impact that each of those component pieces is leaving on the final conversion of your targeted traffic. Make sure whether each component positively converts your targeted traffic into buyers of products and or not.

Well, to check the successful working of each component, you need to go for testing. It would be appreciable if you constantly test each and every component. Nothing should be left to chance while performing testing process.

To do a systematic observation and measurement, you need to go step-by-step to work your way through each component of your website. Start with the headline and measure the conversion rate with the current one. Does it fit into a good copywriting criteria? Can you make it better to improve your sales? If no, then give a powerful motivation to your grey cells and if yes then do it next moment. Now test the effect of the improved headline on your website after making it live to your visitors.

Did you receive higher conversion rate with the new headline? If yes, then move to the sub-headline as your next step. If the conversion rate is lower then better rework on it and test again.

Make changes in your website including each key component every 3-6 months as both visitor and search engine crawler love updated sites. Observe and measure positive as well as negative impact brought by those changes to your conversion rate. As you notice a significant improvement in conversion rate after one change, move on to another component. Keep the changes that work for your website and throw what doesn’t work at every step. Realize the value of constant testing as it allows you to know how money-spinning your site can really be.

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