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Edward Charkow

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I’m sure you have heard about Viral Marketing, but I bet you haven’t considered how powerful some of those same strategies can be when you change it from getting others to advertise for you to getting others to GROW your website.

Instead of trying to think about how to have your sites be Viral – think about how you can have visitors “GROW” your website! If they can put in their own input and actually have some kind of result – or a page of their own they will pass it along.

Even if they don’t pass it along, tell a friend, or do anything else they have added content to your website. That’s something we all like to have right? Search Engines love fresh new content, and if you aren’t the one writing it you have more time for promotion.

To really get a concept like this going you should pick a topic that people are fanatical about. I don’t mean religion, politics, or any other potentially dangerous topic. I mean Sports, Hobbies, People, Reality TV, Water Cooler topics, etc…

In today’s world themed sites are very popular. Myspace and Youtube have encouraged us to turn our cell phones into video capture devices. Little kids are even making video’s and posting them. Is there anyway you could build a niche site with video’s from Youtube?

Reality TV is big. Site’s like get thousands and thousands of visitors daily. Community sites like give reality tv fans the ability to talk about their favorite reality tv fans, shows, or just chat with other Reality TV Fans. Take a look at the sites I’m talking about . It probably didn’t cost a fortune to set up but it’s getting a lot of traffic and participation. The folks running also are running on a free platform called wordpress with a static html front page. You could do the same thing for any reality tv show (or any tv show for that matter).

Free open source software enables just about anyone with a website to start up a discussion board on any topic. The same open source community also provides you with blog platforms, social networking scripts, tool, and a variety of ways to reach ‘niche’ sites and concepts.

If you can get ‘normal’ people to contribute content, participate, and ‘talk’ about your site, you can really stand out from the competition.

I’ve given you a lot of ideas today. I hope you spend some time growing your network of websites and you start considering some of the virtual growth strategies I’ve mentioned here. Once you get a virtual growth site off the ground like this – you can’t go wrong.

This article was written by Ed Charkow of The Other 98 Percent is a no cost membership site that focuses on how YOU can reach a bigger audience and profit from it.


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Website Promotion - How To Drive More Visitors To Your Website
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