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What do you offer your customers that no one else provides? Whatever that is may be a point of branding.

Whatever is unique to your business may likely be a positive point of web branding. It may not be enough to simply try to be competitive on price. If your business is similar to dozens of other online businesses you need to discover what it is that makes your business unique. It may be something as simple as free shipping when no one else provides this perk.

For one well-known pizza chain the brand they chose was a delivery within thirty minutes of order or the pizza was free. They made a big promise and then worked chain-wide to make sure they could deliver on the promise. This meant everyone worked toward a common goal of on time delivery. It wasn’t a matter of demonstrating taste tests and customer referrals - it was a unique gesture that helped brand the company.

It would be safe to say that web branding is vital to long-term success. Because every business does something different this means that every business has the potential to point out what makes them unique. Potential customers want to know what it is that makes you stand out. They want to have a reason to buy from you. For the pizza consumer, the “30 minutes or it’s free’ offer was perfect because it played into a sense of gaming. The consumer figured it was probable the company couldn’t deliver in thirty minutes so they ordered in hope that their pizza would be free – at least some of the time.

One company I’m familiar with has made it a habit of wrapping all their jewelry gifts with a satin rose and bow. Among women who received those gifts there was an excitement in knowing there would be a quality jewelry gift inside.

Your web branding point could be linked to a particular product, but it could also be linked to specialized service, no-cost extended warranties or complimentary delivery upgrades.

Find your niche – not just in the products or services you provide, but also in how you present yourself to potential customers through positive web branding.

Work at being able to make big promises and then do everything you can to deliver. This means always challenging yourself to do better, implementing ways to improve, adjusting the course of action until your customers rave about the quality and service you offer.

Who are you? When you figure it out, use the information in web branding.

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