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Dealing With People Who Make Your Blog Miserable


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Anyone who has a blog knows that the more visitors you get, the more common negative comments will become. Even if you normally don't bother about what others think of you, sometimes these comments can be very hurtful. Just step back for a minute before you respond and take time to think. Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity and make full claim on your blog.

Your Blog Is A Public Place. Yes, people should respect your home turf; it is your blog, your rules and all that. But you really shouldn't be surprised to receive attacks and criticisms. One of the most powerful things about blogs is its social nature and few people get that.

If you can't bear to receive anything negative (true or not) then you don't need a blog. You need a private fan club.

Respond to the comment. No matter how difficult, you should acknowledge and respond to the nasty comment. Keeping silent is simply sweeping the problem under the carpet and that person is not going away until you deal with them.

Respond calmly even when you feel nothing close to calm. You may need some time to cool off and really think about your response before blindly raging ahead with an inappropriate response.

Ask yourself if you can learn from them. While you're taking time to calm yourself down, think it through. Does what that person say have merit? Sometimes we may believe so strongly about something it's easy to say “They're wrong and I'm right" but think about it seriously, are they really wrong or are you just letting your pride and emotions get in the way?

If you are right, there's always something you can learn from the situation. For one, do not behave like that when you comment on other people's blog.

Don't let this person (or persons) get to you and respond with grace and wit. As the old saying goes “Kill them with kindness”. By responding with class you will be sending out the message that you can't be bullied into a fight on your own blog. The commentor will soon realize you can't be pushed around and will eventually give up.

Choose your words carefully and be judicious. There's a world of difference between saying “I'm tired of you attacking my blog, leave me alone and go away" and “I'm sorry you feel that way. I stand by my decision but can understand where you're coming from. "

There are always many more people reading your blog then commenting. Even though they may not leave their calling card behind, you should know there are more readers than people who comment and it's the readers you want to keep on your side. So, if you tell people to go away as in the example above, they might really leave and never come back.

There's no need to reciprocate an attack. Doing so only makes you look like you condone bad behavior and more than willing to get into a fight with anyone who doesn't agree with you.

Your blog is a personal indication of who you are and what your business represents. So, if you blog for business purposes it's important that you don't go up against your readers no matter what the cause or reason. Any person who comments on your blog or reads it are your potential business partners or customers and you want them to view you as a professional.

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