Ideas To Keep Your Online Home Business In Income Generating Mode

Cynthia Minnaar

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It is important that you continue doing what has worked up to now to drive targeted traffic to your online home business, which has turned it into an income generating business.

Here are some ideas to help you maintain momentum and increase your web income.

Regularly write and submit articles to the article directories and be sure to place your keywords in the title of the article as well as the body and to anchor your keyword phrase and url to your website in the author resource box to increase the one way backlinks to your site.

Make regular constructive and positive contributions in forums which will increase the backlinks to your site.

Strive to get good quality links to your website. Search for high ranking pages which are related to your industry and then email the webmaster requesting a link.

Build your links steadily and surely, it does not pay to go and buy hundreds of backlinks as this is frowned upon by the search engines. Google, in particular, gives credit where it is due, by rewarding sites which are accumulating genuine backlinks.

Continue submitting your website to the Directories. Check if they allow for the indexing of your web pages so you benefit from the backlink.

Some Directories offer both free and paid submissions, with a long time delay for the free submissions which are subject to a reciprocal link on your site, so be sure to check if your site has been listed into the directory. Bear in mind that it has been known for some directories to never add the free listings, in the hope that you will eventually opt for the paid listing and in the meantime you will be linking to a directory with no link back and the directory is benefiting from the exposure on your site.

Check your backlinks on a regular basis, once a week is ideal. You can be penalized by the search engines for linking to sites that do not link back. Use a good backlink checker or link exchange software to check your link exchanges

Remove unnecessary links from your web page. By linking out to these web sites you will be giving away a portion of your page rank which you could be passing through to your site and at the same time you could be jeopardizing your rankings by doing this.

Regularly check that all the links on your own online home business website are functioning properly.

Periodically check your autoresponder messages by sending a test message to yourself.

Keep a daily check on your pay per click campaigns to ensure that they are running to budget and make any necessary adjustments to keep up with the competition. Also check on any other paid advertising that you may have running.

Continue with your social bookmarking and blogging regularly.

Keep an eye on the positioning of your web site in the search engine results and continue optimizing your website and adding fresh content to stay ahead of your competition and ensure you site ranks well.

To recap, keep doing and checking on what you were doing to get your online home business to the income-generating stage and add extra methods of internet marketing to further propel the momentum to increase your online home business income.

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Assessing Income Opportunity Home Based Business Ideas
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