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Ever noticed how every few months or so the Internet Marketing world is hit with the next latest, greatest, flavor of the month information product?

People flock to these new products like bears to honey ready to get take out their credit card and pay. Are they really learning anything new in these new products though? The vast majority of information products released online to the internet marketing community is actually the same thing repackaged a new way. After you've bought a few of them you'll probably see the similarities they all show and have.

Granted, there are things in the internet marketing game that don't change. There's things you will always have to do regardless of what project you want to start or what business you're with. In recent products released in the past year or so even these universal steps are left out, or perhaps the author doesn't really think of them anymore because they've become habit.

There's the growing paranoia of a “Guru Conspiracy" as well that says all the Internet Marketing gurus are working together to keep the new marketers in the dark so they can continue to make money off of them. What other reason would they have to continue to promote each other's products every other month?

Still, there ARE good things out there for people who want to learn this trade. Much of the information is free, but it will never be as good as “paid" information due to the learning curve the “good" internet marketers have to have to learn it. So the next time you read a convincing and amazing sales letter, do your homework. If this new product is connected to gurus, it is one of the good ones? If it's a new marketer, what do they have to gain by showing you things they say you've never been told before.


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Conspiracy Allegations
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