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The Truth About Low Price Wholesale Dropship Product


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If you have been involved with wholesale dropship product for any length of time, you are going to know it can be a competitive business and it is very hard to sell a very low priced product.

Most people feel it is easy to sell low priced wholesale dropship product, but nothing could be further from the truth, especially when shipping charges are involved.

See the problem most wholesale dropship product businesses have online is that most buyers are very sensitive to shipping charges. With the price of fuel increasing so is the price of shipping.

As a result of this so called “shipping effect”, very low priced products many times do not make good sense to a lot of consumers. Think about it from your personal perspective. Do your really want to pay $7 shipping for a $16 cell phone accessory?

Yes unfortunately shipping charges do have a negative effect on your wholesale dropship product business. There is nothing like a high perceived value for shipping that will get your customer to start shopping again.

However, that does not mean all is lost when selling low priced wholesale drop ship products online .

See, most lower priced items like accessories can easily be sold with the initial sale. Best of all, by making this easy for your customer you can gain a lot of extra business.

Try to consider your check out process when looking at low price wholesale dropship products. Make your checkout process so easy that with one click your customer can add an accessory to their order without reentering their credit card information.

For instance, if your customer purchases a cell phone, right after they put in their credit card information for the order, recommend they add an accessory with their order. Make this process only 1 click to add and no need to enter credit card information again.

If you can successfully pull this off with your business, you will be highly successful with selling these low priced dropship products. You can also group accessories together and sell them as packages. For instance, an extra cell phone charger and phone cover bundled together.

And just so you are not thinking this strategy only works with accessories, it works with all products that are low priced. Best of all you will find you customers are much more satisfied because they actually have exactly what they envisioned when purchasing the item.

In the end not all is lost when selling low priced wholesale dropship product. You just have to be creative and look for unique way to eliminate the shipping charges for these low priced items.

If you are looking for a top quality wholesale dropship products for your business, be sure to visit my site at: Wholesale Dropship Products

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