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Forced Opt-In Lists Top Notch Tactic Or Treachery


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At which point does marketing go from masterful tactics to treachery? A marketer’s methods are what gain or lose credibility by defining their business ethic or lack thereof. Unfortunately there seems to be such a shortage of moral marketers in the marketplace and even less in your mailbox. It has become perfectly common to have to opt-in to a list after you have made a purchase. There is this underlying theory “Once a customer, always a customer. ” taking place that I am all too uncomfortable with. Simply purchasing one product in no way warrants any agreement that I will or should buy from the same merchant again.

The concept is to sell an info product for a penny and when someone buys the product they must opt-in to the merchants list to retrieve the download link. Essentially what you are doing is paying with your email address for the product. Marketers tend to think that this is an obvious unsaid agreement however

there are other people besides the marketing clique that are simply buying a product not realizing they are giving permission to be pitched repeatedly by the seller. This is simple lechery to get around the Spam laws.

Some offer Email delivery thereby constituting a business relationship. Apparently unsubscribe is the get off the hook button. You can always sign up, get the product, and unsubscribe after all. The problem is it takes up your time to have to go through several steps to remove yourself from something you were never asked if you wanted or told it was required to begin with. This is a basic lesson in manners because I would not be offended if I were simply asked or informed that this was a condition of the sale. People are in such a rush to make a fast buck that it becomes too time consuming to remember ones pleases and thank yous which for me, takes the tact out of tactic.

I guess it should come as no surprise that marketing is cluttered with a lot of lazy upstarts when everywhere you look “Get Rich Easily and Overnight for Free” are plastered on every web page you see. Underneath the layer of over nighters there still exists a handful of respectable business people marketing good solid products and services. You can discern between these groups by things as simple as manners from the start of the sale.

I personally keep a specific email for solicitors so that I don’t have to share my information. I never have felt that it was necessary to disclose personal information such as phone number and home address for a digital product either. One sale no matter how small does not in my opinion make someone privy to anything more than my email address which is specifically for forced opt-ins. Practices such as these raise the red flag for me and push me far away from their sales pages because it speaks volumes of their work ethics.

My advise to shoppers would be to watch out for these tactics and consider carefully what you sign on for when making a low cost purchase. Be aware that you could be entering into an unspoken agreement. In turn I would plea with the marketers to reconsider this tactic and aim for a long term relationship with a customer by building real credibility rather than sneaking into their inboxes uninvited.

Do you feel this article has left out some important piece of information? Perhaps you disagree entirely. If you would like to voice your opinion on this matter please stop by kij0corp and share your thoughts and opinions with me. You never know, you might even change my mind.

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