JV GiveAways and How to Make Them Work For You

Sean Mize

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The first thing I have to say is to think carefully before you participate in a JV GiveAway. I am giving you some tips on how to succeed with them, but you may still feel the downside is not worth the reward, so be careful.

You see, one of the problems is that when you promote a JV, you are giving away your list, maybe to as many as 50 or 100 others, depending on how many downloads your list does. Now, the idea is that you are gaining subscribers, too, but keep in mind they are also joining as many as 50 or 100 other lists, too – so they are not really of high quality anyway.

The important thing here is to start off as high as possible. So if you get a notice about a new giveaway, stop whatever you are doing and upload your product into the gift list. You will also need to upload a squeeze page that the visitor would go to to claim your gift. If you are not normally offering a gift on your main squeeze page, create a new squeeze page and have it handy when you receive a giveaway notice.

You definitely want to be forcing people to opt in to get the gift you offer, if you do not do that, you are giving away the farm and not getting paid for it at all.

Now the thing that makes it all work is that everyone sends traffic to the site. If no one sent traffic, the giveaway would not work. But since you get a higher ranking based on how many visitors you send, you have a pretty strong incentive to send as many visitors as you can.

So start out at the beginning, get as many of your list to go to the site first, and your gift will climb to the top faster.

One thing that is extremely important here is to send your visitors as early in the game as possible. Why? Imagine that you are initially ranked at the 50th spot out of 100, so basically the halfway point. Now if you wait until the end to send your traffic, you will spend most of the campaign at or below the 50% mark. So even if you were to shoot up to the very top on the last couple of days, you wouldn’t get many hits, because everyone else has already sent their visitors-the very ones that should have been downloading your product. You want the other people’s lists to get mailed after yours, and of course to do that, mail your list as early as possible – perhaps even before the site officially launches, if you can.

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