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Starting a business on the web is not unlike starting any other business. The odds are against us that we will not succeed and because it is easier/cheaper many times to start on the web, it makes way for a lot more competition.

However, if you do it correctly, you can set yourself up for a wonderful lifestyle where you can work from anywhere in the world, make as much as you want, and have the freedom you deserve.

So, let's take a look at some of the types of businesses you can start and how you should set it up so you aren't spinning your wheels and become one of the large percentage of people that does not succeed.

Types of Web Based Businesses This may not be an all inclusive list as creativity, imagination, and knowledge will help you stand out and come up with new/great ideas.

1. Service business: If you can create a service-type business, this in my opinion is a great way to build a business. Some say you are limited, but not in most cases. If you can automate the process, use the right tools, etc, then a service business is great. If you have to be involved (such as a Lawyer), then you may be limited to how much you can make per work hour. An example is a web hosting company that collect monthly “rent" from various web sites.

2. Product based: If you want to open an online store and carry or dropship a product, then this would be your way to go. There are ups and downs to having to deal with products, but if you can design an efficient system around your business, then the processes will be easy and you will make more money. One difference between people who make a lot of money and those who don't is the systems they have in place.

3. Information products: This is very popular and a great way to start your business. Everyone has knowledge in something or at least can do some research to find out what people are interested in learning about. Ebooks, CD's, etc. are high in demand because people come to the web to find information. They are easy to produce and have great profit potential.

4. Affiliate Marketing: This is where you promote other people's products. There are entire books written on this subject and it is another easy/great way to get the ball rolling.

5. Sell Advertising: With the advent of google adwords and others, you can now sell advertising in various forms to make money. I have met individuals who have made millions just from their advertising revenue. Some big companies make their money just from advertising.

Once you pick a business model, your first goal is to follow a process to ensure you pick the right niche. Unless you have deep pockets, a great team who has been there/done that, then picking a niche is the best way to start. You want to go with something that is small enough for the big dogs to stay away yet big enough that there is a sufficient market for.

The one thing that I have found and bothers me most is that most “gurus" out there don't emphasize enough about reserching and finding hot niches to sell to.

In my opinion this is the most important step and if you can figure out how to find those hot markets and place yourself in front of them, you will never starve.

All the web building, marketing, etc.comes after that. You can market all day long, have the best website design, be at the top of the search engines, but if you have not reserached and targeted a niche that wants your product, it could take a long time to succeed if ever.

I could write an entire book about this, but this is something you need to question when you are starting your business and determine who you will learn from (everyone needs a mentor). The process is not hard once you learn it, but if you have no idea where to start and how to start, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Finally, to mention, we must also list that there are multiple aspects to become successful in your business including; the right mind set, research, having strengths in the various aspects of business, know how, a why, and so much more.

There are many reasons to start a business and you must determine those. But, if you don't do it right from the get go, things will be tougher than they have to be. Take action but search for those who've gone before you and learn from their mistakes.

In his Rich Dad books, Robert Kiyosaki states that, “a business is set up ever before there is a business. "

Joe Collinsworth is an expert author and founder of three different websites. I love helping people and hope that others will learn from my mistakes to make their dreams come true. You can learn about myself and my family and our newest website creation at. . .


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