Creating Wealth In The New Millennium


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Entering the new millennium, analysis of global wealth and its distribution revealed that the United States holds the record, at present, for being the richest country in the world. The mean wealth (as of 2000) indicated a mean worth of $144,000 per person.

In truth, however, globally the top 1% control 38% of the world's riches. Conversely, statistics in 2001 also show that the “bottom 40%" own less than 1% of the nation's wealth.

So what can a person do to have any hope of gaining the upper levels, the “above the bottom" so to speak?

With hundreds of thousands of individuals flocking to the internet in search of wealth and a better life, is there something out there that might tip the scales? Some action a person could take to help increase his or her chances of creating wealth online?

Enter your mentor. . .

Today's internet millionaires attribute much of their online success and the creation of their wealth to others. They actively searched for, and found, the proper mentor to help guide them in their endeavors online.

So what exactly is a “mentor?"

The term mentor means “a trusted friend, counselor or teacher, usually a more experienced person. "

According to sources at

"Many of the world's most successful people have benefited from having a mentor. "

Wikipedia also includes some very specific examples such as:

Freddie Laker mentored Richard Branson (business)

Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great (politicians)

Mel Gibson mentored Heath Ledger (actors)


Eddy Merckx (five-time Tour de France winner) mentored Lance Armstrong (seven-time Tour de France winner) (athletes).

Going it alone online can be frustrating and costly. New marketers tend to make the same mistakes that those that have come before already encountered. Why make the same mistakes? Why not avoid these creating wealth pitfalls and sidestep the mistakes right from the beginning?

Reaching out to someone with more experience is one of the wisest online moves any would-be entrepreneur should make. Who better to help you attain your dream than someone who has already achieved that goal!


Jeff Johnson spends his days educating himself and others interested in creating wealth online. Visit Jeff at truewealthbiz for more info and one-on-one assistance to achieve your goals.


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