5 Reasons Why Selling eBooks On eBay Can Produce Mega Bucks


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More and more eBay sellers are wising up to the potential profits that can be made through the creation and resale of info products - more commonly known as eBooks - on eBay. By listing yours and other people's eBooks on eBay, you are putting your products in front of thousands of potential buyers. There are 5 main reasons as to why selling eBooks on eBay is becoming such a booming industry and why you should get in on the act before it really explodes!

eBay provides you with the traffic

When selling info products from a website, there is always the problem of generating targeted traffic, this is not the case when selling eBooks on eBay. eBay generates the traffic for you and it's just a case of you reaching out and grabbing targeted and cash in hand buyers for your products.

Easy to create

eBooks are becoming easier and easier to create every single day. Sometimes you don't even have to create your own, you can sell other eBooks if the distribution rights permit you to sell their product on eBay. An eBook can be just 5-6 pages long and can easily be created within two hours and ready for sale on eBay with just an hour more. You can create an unlimited amount of eBooks and have an unlimited amount of auctions running.

In huge demand

Information is the most searched for thing on the internet. People are constantly trying to find out how to do something and therefore there is an abundant supply of potential buyers for your eBooks. You just need to find profitable niches and supply them with the information they are looking for, in exchange for some of their money.

Huge profit per sale

Every eBook you sell is virtually 100% profit. Aside from the minute eBay and paypal fees, every penny of your eBook sale goes into your pocket. eBooks are completely free to create and free to distribute.

Can sell unlimited copies

Once you have created one eBook, you can sell unlimited copies of that info product. This means you can create one eBook and make an absolute fortune through selling it as many times as you possibly can.

I hope you can now see the huge profit potential associated with selling yours - and other peoples - eBooks on eBay. So get started creating those eBooks and start assembling a huge arsenal of resale rights eBooks that you are permitted to sell on eBay.

James Penn is an experienced eBay seller & has assisted many eBay sellers to help them make money on eBay in 2007 and for many years to come. Discover many of his other eBay selling tips that will help explode your eBay sales & grab a selection of free eBay eBooks by signing up to his free eBay newsletter.


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