Is Your Firewall Active or Not?

Buddy Shearer

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Is your Firewall active or not? Do you even have a Firewall? Are you still running Microsoft Windows 2000 like me? Then the answer could be No. If you are running XP then the answer might be Yes. You should know the answer because it may be the difference between problems and no problems.

Why problems? Microsoft in its greatest visionary moment thought it would be great if computers were to broadcast their availability to the world or the network in this case. This broadcast of sorts is not a one time deal but a repetition and it occurs whether we want to your not. Now there are ways to shut it down but the general user probably will not do it and the instructions to do so could be intimidating.

It is not the broadcast that is harmful but rather who might see that broadcast. You can sort of treat that broadcast as an announcement as “Hey world! I am here and I do not have a Firewall!"

I did this once with a WIndows 2000 Server. I created a web and ftp site on it and within 24 hours someone had defaced the website with racial and profanity slurs. It definitely was not pretty. There are some people out there that you would think would have better things to do. But they do not.

Let us keep going. Being from a security based background I can look at thing with a different viewpoint. One other odd thing about Microsoft is that they have viewed security with an incorrect view. For years they saw security as being implemented at a minimal level. In other words, almost no security when started out of the box.

After many floggings, Microsoft may be waking up. For security to work right you need to implement protections from the very start not add them as you go. This is critical. So if yo do not have at least a fundamental firewall for security then I suggest you start shopping around.

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