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To Monitor your Child's Internet Usage; What Do You Look For?

Buddy Shearer

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So you have decided to start monitoring your childs computer activities. Now what? You know it is important to monitor but your kids are more technically competent than you are. It now becomes a question of monitoring without them knowing what you are doing. If they know you are monitoring then their actions and conversations become even more elusive. How do you learn the truth about their activities? What do you look for? Here is what you need to do.

To do the monitoring correctly there are ten activities that need to be tracked; Emails, Instant Messaging, Keystrokes, Web Sites visited, Programs used, Files Downloaded, and User Logons.

What emails are you kids sending and receiving? Are they proper for their age group? Is anyone mailing them that you do not approve of.

Instant Messages is another area that parents do not know enough about. Rather jumping into the technical specifics it comes down to this. ALL conversations are recorded by the company performing the service whether it is AOL or MSN. So what are your kids saying or volunteering about you and your family?

Keystrokes typed on your kids computer is important because there are some programs that allow the user to respond to questions. These questions could compromise your or familys private data.

The web sites that your child visits should be known by you. Are they visiting *** sites? Have they signed up for free email without you knowing about it? Where are they visiting and what are they doing?

What programs are they using on the computer? Have they loaded other kinds of programs on the computer. Installing a new application is easy and it can be hidden from you.

Another interesting item relates to Downloads. There are all kinds of files that can be downloaded but today they generally relate to video clips and music. Are they legally downloaded and are they appropriate for your child.

User logons. This is important because there are ways to login to other computer systems without using a web browser. Microsoft Windows is a very powerful operating system and unfortunately controls can be compromised.

If you do not get the right software then your kids can turn off the product that you do install. So if you are truly going to start monitoring your childs Internet usage then you must do it correctly and efficiently.

Copyright (c) 2007 Buddy Shearer

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Internet Monitoring Software How to Use it to Monitor a Childs Activity Online
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