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The attraction of online profits is bringing more and more people to Internet marketing. With this growing attraction, come fewer easy opportunities. Fortunately, there is one technique anyone can use online to gain a respectful online income. This technique is called ‘arbitrage’ and it has been used off-line for centuries. This very well may be the last true technique to generate ‘easy money’.

There are literally thousands of different ways that arbitrage can benefit you so I will only name a few.

eBay – This auction giant has grown to an enormous size in the past years and it seems it is only growing larger. With the growth, come more and more products of all categories. This provides the perfect opportunity for one to profit with arbitrage. Find products that people are selling for a really low price and bid on them. Of course, you will not win all of the bids but you will win some. Now hold on to the product for a few days while other potential bidders enter the market. Place the items up for bid and put a minimum sell price on them that is a little higher then what you paid.

Adsense – This is one that can get a little tricky and it does take a fair amount of knowledge in Google Adwords to master, but nonetheless, it can be extremely profitable. The theory behind it is that you create a website or even a simple page with adsense ads on it, and you create an adwords campaign to promote it. You must target keywords with very little competition that pay out very nice. So, think of it this way; if you can get one dollar per click on your adsense ads and you are only paying thirty cents with adwords, you are gaining seventy cents per click.

Outsourcing Graphic work, Writing etc. – This is a form of online arbitrage that has earned a huge online income for thousands of people. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just find a writer, coder or graphic designer that offers their services for a cheap price. Now create a sales page and promote it offering the same services. When you get customers requesting the product you contact the artist, writer or coder and have them do the work. Now pay them and send the product to your customer for a higher price.

Hopefully this article has put a few ideas in your head as to how you can earn your piece of the online income pie. Take these ideas to head and come up with your own. Do a little investigation and initial work and you will see how so many people earn so much money with online arbitrage.

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