SEO Keyword Tags – Why Do You Need Keyword Tags?


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Optimizing your search engine results is a multi-pronged effort. These days, search engines don’t rely on meta keyword tags like they used to. That’s primarily because people tried to “fool” the search engines and over-represent their contents. As a result, search engines began to either ignore the keywords or find other ways to validate the keyword content. Now search engines consider a wide variety of different factors such as page content (always a desirable attribute), links to and from objective sites (e. g. news sites) as well as keyword tags.

But even though keyword tags are not as influential as they once were, doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Always make sure you include meta keyword tags along with every other option optimization technique available to you. Here are a few simple guidelines for picking meaningful keywords:

Make sure the keywords and the actual site content are consistent. The keywords that you utilize inside meta statements should be easily found in the actual content of the page or site.

Use “keywords” in all the Meta categories: title, description and keywords of a page. Again, a question of consistency – mean what you say, say what you mean, and say it consistently.

Don’t both trying to “fool” the search engines – they’re working much harder on foiling such attempts than you are at making them. Don’t waste your time. Moreover, such attempts only reduce the meaning of keyword tags for everybody.

Don’t repeat terms in a meaningless way or inappropriate way – too much repetition will actually hurt you rather than help you. Don’t use a term twice in a row even if you change tenses, capitalize it or set it off in quotes.

These days, including keyword tags may not, by themselves, make a huge difference in your search engine rankings. But used properly, they can help. Used improperly they can actually hurt your standings.

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seo keyword tags why do you need keyword tags

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