How To Build Successful Affiliate Programs


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Whether you operate an affiliate program or you are a member of an affiliate program, what you will read below will move your affiliate program business forward, because the best way of doing affiliate program business is to affiliate with people of like minds.

Belonging to many instead of one affiliate forum is the first step at affiliating with as many like minds as possible. Having said that, you should have a major forum in which you are more prominent, sort of home forum for your affiliate program outreach. Here you are going to have your trusted affiliate friends on whom to rely and those who will rely on you.

  • Posting a forum is the basis of belong to one, but you have to be regular with your posts because it is with your number of posts that you are recognized by both the administrator and forum members. Three posts a week will stand you in good stead. This way when you start showing your links in your post, you won't be seen as a spammer out to make some money.
  • My advice is to write your Signature first without links, then add your link or links as the case may be, after you have posted consistently for 3 weeks, that is an average of 9 posts at the least. Although it is best if you posed more than 3 post a week and have more than 9 post before you introduce your links. And let your first posts be either question or answer to someone else question.
  • Browse the forums and seek out the questions that you can answer knowledgeably and freely offer you advice. Even for questions you have no knowledge about, a quick search in Google will reveal the answer. Always put your search query in “quotes". Finding answers for questions in forums endears your to forum members, so use it wisely.
  • One of the things that can mar your image in a forum is to post content that are riddled with bad spelling. Always check your spelling before posting. People view poor spelling as a sign of carelessness worse than poor grammar. Don't let it happen to you. Microsoft word processor has a robust Spell check. Use it or any other spell check you may have.
  • Another forum bad manner to avoid is becoming argumentative. Be reasonable in your arguments and agree with views that are reasonable. Try not to take sides in arguments, especially controversial ones like religion and politics. Be neutral and a good business fellow, that is your purpose at the forum.
  • Yes, another forum bad manner is to ask a question that has already been asked and answered. This tells forum members that you did not search the forum before posting your question. Use the search feature available in most forums to look for answers to your question, and only post your question if you do not find answer to it.
Be sure that you know what you are talking about in your posts. It is bad advertisement for you and your business if you say things that are not correct. And do not blatantly advertise your business or product. It is best to lead forum members to your product through your signature box. If you are a newbie, be humble in the way you ask your questions, and if you are experienced, be sincere with the advice you give.

With the forgoing, you will be able to establish yourself in any affiliate forum as a resourceful member.

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