Starting A Wholesale Business: Step #1


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Whether starting a wholesale business, selling wholesale playstation 3 on eBay or other profitable ideas are of general quest to your current income, competition should keep growing both county wise and on the net.

Research shows that the 15 countries with the highest Internet usage, USA being the predominant with the number one spot, among those fifteen 47% of individuals have Internet access. If you are in the US, you should also know as research shows that 63% of the population connects to the Internet for many uses.

With that in mind as facts, know that the Internet is the greatest place for starting a wholesale business with a low risk, acceptable terms in budget and for the little guy to have their own mini empire without having to work in the business and more like at the business. As you may know there is a big difference when working in the business and at the business, that is the whole point of this much likely to be, for many regular guys like us- a profitable lesson.

You need to understand and grasp such concept whether you want to re-sell wholesale playstation 3 consoles, healthcare products, collectibles, and audio merchandise among others. Why is this so important for the initiation of a business both online and offline.

Very appreciated best selling author Robert Kiyosaki said in many of his famous books: Rich Dad Poor Dad being one of them, that if you work in the business it was not be interpreted as the equivalent of having a business. That was just long-term prior decades of confusion between being self-employed and having a real business.

Having a business, is working at the business and not being a slave to your business by being 10-14 hours a day in it, in other explicit interpretation. In other words, the concept of building a jewelry store or a supermarket as the so-called business owner in Puerto Rico, United States and any other internationally country whether locally or online- is not being a business owner when viewing it as an entrepreneur.

For many of us, time is a luxury these days. So it is imperative that one of the questions you point yourself if wanting to venture and starting a wholesale business offline or online today or in any other business motto is- What can you do in order to invest wisely your productive time when starting a wholesale business mainly, with a small budget if drop shipping for example is one of your goals on the Internet?

You hire and outsource professional and responsible people from 3rd world countries. Many of us do it all the time. India, Pakistan, Romania, Columbia are great places to hire an operational manager for very, very much less than in US dollars. You could be surprise at the prices and prolific job professionals in 3rd world countries do.

If it sounds like unethical to you- ask yourself the following question. Would I be helping someone that needs an income to support a family and keep food at the table if I hire him or her at such fees and with such work part-time full-time to manage my emails, programming, designs, marketing among others?

It is magnificent to have other people working for you. You help them, you help your luxury time and most definitely, you work at the business instead of in the business. Once you have such knowledge taken, as action and visioning it before starting- it would really mean power whether selling wholesale playstation 3, DVDs, collectibles, audio or starting a wholesale business really is in your 2007 goals.

Starting A Wholesale Business online is one of the business components Joaquin serves as e-commerce coach, reference guide and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the acquirement of profitable Wholesale Playstation 3 for re-sell purposes.


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