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To make viral marketing effective, you must produce a free information product that is of such good quality, it is passed around from person to person without you having to personally give it to these people, or even know who they are. This is how ‘viral’ marketing got its name - simply because good information, just like a virus, is easily passed on from person to person.

Viral marketing can take many forms, such as e-books, articles, video-clips and white papers, just to name a few. Basically, the number one rule is that you are offering something of value free of charge to your audience. This concept seems to work very well with the Internet, since the main reason people all over the world use the Internet is to seek information on topics they are interested in.

We know that viral marketing is only successful when the information being passed on is useful or valuable, but why would anyone want to give away free information? The question is what is in it for you, as a marketer, to give away free stuff? While you are giving away free information, you are also adding some links in the information for people to follow.

By adding these links, you are promoting your business and people who click on your links are targeted traffic or interested in the products or services that you are promoting. So even though you are giving away free information, you are promoting your business and driving targeted traffic to your website or affiliate links.

Additionally, you are also making a name for yourself as a marketer who is knowledgeable on the products and services that you are promoting. Not many people will buy directly from a stranger. But by getting your name out over the internet, people will begin to accept you as a reliable person who genuinely wants to be helpful, as well as make an income.

Other reasons why you may want to use viral marketing is to create valuable back links that will help to boost your page rank and page link popularity, making you easier to find in the search engines. You are also able to build an opt-in list from a successful viral marketing campaign. By creating a mailing list, you are able to promote your products to targeted people who want to receive information on your products and learn more from your vast experiences.

There are a few tips that you may want to consider before going ahead with your viral marketing campaign to make it really successful, apart from creating something that is valuable and likely to be passed around from person to person.

Make sure that you create the free information used for your viral marketing campaign easy for others to distribute. If you make files that are too large, difficult to download or don’t have links that allow people to duplicate or pass the information on to their friends, your efforts will more than likely be wasted. So take the time to make your free information easy to pass around by others.

Even though you are making your viral campaign with the sole purpose of promoting your business or products, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the things that you are promoting. You don’t want to make it seem as though you are thinly disguising a sales pitch. By all means, promote your products, but just don’t go overboard. One or two links is sufficient.

Viral marketing can also be used to promote your affiliate links through e-books or free content, with your affiliate links included in the body of the text. The same sort of rules apply with creating a free information product aimed at affiliate marketing, such as making sure that your links are not too overpowering, making you seem pushy. Your affiliate links also need to be relevant to the information that you are providing.

Any online marketer who wants to promote their business, products or affiliate links should consider the benefits of viral marketing. If you find that you are already busy or don’t have the time to invest in writing quality content to promote your business, delegate your writing and research to others. Start off small to test the waters, even one good article designed to attract a large audience can spread like a virus over the internet and benefit you greatly.

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