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Just like any new fad, it will eventually step out of the green light and just become something commonly used on the Internet. However, Youtube is not just another community website or fad, it has a service which it delivers quite well – Entertainment! Many websites create buzz and get thousands of customers but after a while they leave to find something newer, hipper, or they just loose interest.

Youtube cannot loose interest, everyday hundreds upon hundreds of people submit new content and there is something in there for everyone. The second factor is that people have grasped the concept of free advertising if they can create an eye candy like ad that attracts the attention or demands attention. This means that institutions will invest money to create unique and funny videos to insert into the community of viewers on Youtube with subliminal messages or brand marketing. Money and entertainment, just like the World Cup and the Super Bowl people view it not just for the dancing girls and beer commercials but for the action and entertainment they get. People sit around the computer with their friends and watch Youtube because it is more fun that spending money at the movie theater watching a lame movie.

So the future is strong.

In addition, there will be other sites that will segregate themselves from Youtube by targeting a niche market like dog videos, funny clips and more. These sites will attract their own groupies but millions will still continue to flock to Youtube. You will see fortune 500 companies pouring advertising into such video delivery systems to gain loyal consumers – in fact it has already happened you just do not realize it. Next time you are on the site pay attention to the advertisements and the last few seconds of an ad. Other developments to come videos in dating websites, auctions, and retail sites. Business are trying harder to sell more and making slimmer margins so the creativity will continue to flow as innovation wins out.

However, keep you eyes peeled for the next best software, service or website. Soon another site will make headlines and attract all sorts of attention. One such site that has potential to grow and make headlines is They are monopolizing on the video delivery service and bringing a new look to the way we promote our businesses.

Visit for more information on video media and promoting your business.

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