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Something that I often see is a blog post with a title that seems like a mistake to me. It is catchy or sometimes rhymes which is a plus but still upsets me. Many people do not yet understand the way blogs are made, how they are affected by search engines, and how search engines index them. The title of every post matters and I will tell you exactly why with actual proof.

I wrote a post one day for a video I created on It just so happened that the video was about SEO, so I titled the post, “SEO vedio". As you can see, I misspelled the word “video". This misspelling generated a little spike of traffic from Google, of people who were not great spellers. I am not the best speller myself, thus the incorrect spelling of the word on my part.

From this example you can see that search engines see that your titles are there and they weigh them greatly when it comes to long phrases or misspelled phrases that people are not flooding to optimize. Since people are not in competition with you, you gain a massive advantage because you will dominate the key word with minimal optimization.

If you looked carefully at your blog, you will notice something special about your titles. They are links. This means that page of your single blog post uses the anchor text of the title. From this we can speculate that having titles that match key phrases people use when searching Google can help to bring in traffic from these phrases.

So, as I have shown and explained to you, titles are very important. Use them wisely. When you have to think of a title, sit and think of a phrase you would write in a search engines for the title of your article. This will bring in a little extra traffic. If your lucky, you can find a unique phrase that people actually use and get a massive spike of traffic. The only thing you have to remember is to make practical titles a web surfer will input into Google

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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization - Tips for Your Titles
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