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When people begin an internet project, they are joining a program to make money. This is the objective and the goal desired, but I contend that the core reason for coming online and becoming involved on the internet should be much more than that. You have a responsibility to the people that you will touch with that project to give them the best information and help along the way. I contend that we, as potential internet marketing promoters, should be very aware of the awesome job of not taking money from people, but rather assisting them in building their businesses. If you do a good job in this, you will be assured of the success that you desire. Without question, we have an awesome task of placing information on the net. There is much more to this process that one might think. The information that you place live on the internet will go global and will remain there for an indefinite time. You better make sure that information is honest and credible because many people are going to be looking for different projects to join. If they do see your information and like the way that you present it either in a website, blog, forum, newsletter or classified ad, then you have the possibility of making a sale. Even more important however; you have the ability to make or break that person in that program as well.

Having been involved in mlm projects before, I noticed the tendency for some of the leaders to be more in the used car salesman mode. I have nothing at all against used car salesman. Its an honorable profession, but some are just slick operators after a quick buck. If that is your goal online to simply strip people of their money, I have a very good idea that you will not be successful. You may make some money, but the law of Karma will always get you in the end.

I have had the rare opportunity to lecture and work with a large amount of people. I have visited with people from all walks of life that have come online seeking a new life. They are looking for an opportunity to make a difference. They are seeking new ways of thinking and operating and I find no better way to live than promoting on the internet. I take my job very seriously. I am here simply as a vessel to help people achieve what they desire. By doing this effectively, I will achieve my dreams and goals as well. I am very mindful that something that I write in my presentations online can have a positive or a negative effect on people. I can make them feel good, or I can convey a feeling that I am only here for quick money and nothing else.

I will share with you an experience that I had several months ago showing you exactly what I am talking about. A friend of mine contacted me about the new latest and greatest online money maker. He said that I should take a look at it because it looked like a great way to make some money. Be very aware that I hardly ever join something just because it looks good. I like to take my time and evaluate the product or service and make up my mind whether to pursue it or not. For some reason this time, I did not do that. I simply said ok and was off and running building a nice informational site and then began the promoting process. Immediately I was contacted by this up and coming online star. He told me how excited he was to be working with me and he was here to assist me with my business. He told me how much he was making with the project and how many people were simply falling into his program. He was very full of his networking abilities and gladly shared them with me. He also said that all I needed to do was to bring ten people in and I would be all set to make huge money.

The next few days the phone rang many times and he was telling me about his wonderful promoting skills and how he was able to bring large groups of people to the project. I told him that I do not conduct my online business that way and that I would go my own path in this venture. He argued that I really needed his expertise in making money. I have been down this road before and I began to reconsider my position with this latest and greatest company. I pursued the online project in my way through effective search engine optimization techniques and began to get some top positions in high traffic areas on the internet. The problem was, no one seemed that interested in this latest and greatest thing I was promoting. I had done what I needed to do from a core internet marketing standpoint, but it did not matter. The product was simply not that appealing. In other words, I joined the service with the wrong motive and I was very aware that I had done that. In coming to grips with my mistake, I politely opted out. You would have thought that I had committed the unpardonable sin! The guy tried to get all over me like a cheap suit. He accused me of not knowing what I was doing and actually insulted me. It did not matter, because if I had been able to make a million dollars on this thing, I would not have stayed with this guy and his hype.

I am sure that many of you reading this have been through the same experience. I learned from that my true purpose in online pursuits is only staying with my niche of successful website promoting for my clients. I have absolutely no desire to become involved in the next big thing. I am only here to assist people in building their strong internet based business. I feel that when you find your niche, you too will become successful. You too will find that sweet spot and will have the ability to touch people's lives in a positive and meaningful way. You will become involved in one of the best ways to live. Online pursuits hold more promise of living life in your own way. I personally find this an amazing and great way to live. I hope you have the same feelings as well.

Quote from Vernon Howard: “A true teacher never gives seekers material rewards, nor shallow psychological gratifications, like flattery and excitement. He knows how the cunning nature in man will grasp these as substitutes for truth, which alone can save. His action separates the sincere from the insincere. When an insincere seeker's curiosity has been satisfied, he departs. The earnest seeker, sensing something real, remains. "

Butch Hamilton is an SEO|SEM Specialist. Living on the internet has become a way of life. . . a successful way of life. His talents for obtaining top positions on the search engines have led him to the point in his life where he has always wanted to be.

Says Mr. Hamilton, “Writing has always been my passion. Gone are the days when I placed blatant ads on the internet for exposure. I have found my life's work in writing articles.

Butch Hamilton's Quote: “What we think-is what we become. "


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