Affiliate Revenue - What Has Keyword Research Got To Do With It


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The military rely a lot of intelligence. That is why they are able to do things that we civilians find really amazing. Now, online we have access to marketing intelligence that we can't afford to overlook if we intend to make the most of our affiliate marketing and other online ventures.

For you to start to generate affiliate revenue, you need to have products to recommend and have a lot of people to make those recommendations to. If you recommend stuff to those who are dying for it, your task becomes a lot easier.

When you do a keyword research, you get to know what people are searching for, how many people search for a particular thing, how they search for it and those who provide what they are searching for.

This information will help you decide on the best niche to target and which keywords to focus on when writing your pages. It shows you how profitable a keyword is, how much ad revenue can be made from each keyword and a whole lot of other stuff.

Take for example, that you have chosen a keyword and you have a page that ranks well for it. You would have loved to promote a product on this page. However, when you look through your research data, you notice that advertisers pay a lot for just a click.

With this kind of information, you can easily determine if it's in your best interest to place Google’s Adsense or Yahoo's ads on the page or simply go ahead with your affiliate promotion.

If you didn't have the right data, you wouldn't have been able to decide what was best for you as far as maximizing your affiliate revenue was concerned.

There are a lot of bits and pieces that you can't afford to ignore if you want to make the most affiliate revenue. Make reading through and studying good affiliate marketing books an important part of your plans.

If you want a great book on how you, too, can succeed in your affiliate business, get this one . It is free but believe me, you won't need to buy another book on affiliate marketing for a very long time.

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Chimezirim Odimba writes to help hardworking folks succeed online.


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Keyword Research Tips - How To Instantly Build Huge Keyword Lists For Free
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