Traffic Avalanche: Combining Article Syndication And RSS


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If you want to scream because of the massive traffic you'll be getting on your site in a short while, pay close attention to the things I have to say here. . .

Combine article syndication with RSS (Rich site summary or Really Simple Syndication). Here's how. . .

Target submitting between 300 to 900 articles to the top 10 article directories (Make it a lot more if you're feeling ambitious). The number you must hit depends on the competitiveness or otherwise of your niche. Make it just 300 if there is very little competition but target 900 if you have serious competition.

Make sure your pages are well optimized and you're rolling. On article syndication, make sure you hit this number in not more than 90 days (If you do it in 30, you'll be better off). Let's look at the numbers in another 90 days assuming you average just 10 views per article per day per site. . .

Now you have say, 300 articles x 10 ( top article directories) x 10 views x 90 days. This gives you 2.7 million views (Do the maths yourself!)

And that's just the beginning, your link popularity soars and the best part is that traffic from this effort will keep coming for years.

Now enter RSS. . .

Rewrite each of those article articles to be search engine unique and then post them to your RSS-enabled blog or RSS-enabled site. If your content is great and you have up to 100 sites use your feed, you tap into their traffic. Let's say those 100 sites have an average of 10 views for your feed, that amounts to 1000 views daily.

That's just the beginning. . .

You have at least 100 links back to your site.

You'll have many people who subscribe to your feeds. That's almost like having a list that get to see what you have to offer.

If your stuff is great, they'll tell their friends who'll also subscribe. Let's do a little maths. . .

Let's assume 3 people subscribe to your feed and discover you have the best content there is on the matter. Let's assume each of them tells an average of 3 people who subscribe over a period of 10 days. Let's also assume that each person tells just 3 people who also subscribe (Just make believe). Finally, let's assume that everyone who subscribes raves about this stuff and that an average of 3 persons subscribe as a result of a raving subscriber. . .

Let's see what numbers you'll have in 90 days from then. . .

FV = PV(1 + R) raised to power n. Where FV is future value, PV is present value, R is growth rate and n is the number of compounding periods.

FV = 3(1 + 3) raised to power 9

That's 786432! (Did I get it right?)

Hold on. . .

This is just a calculation. There are several other factors that come into play. However, I hope I've made my point: Article syndication and RSS both have the power of exponential increase.

Learn how to build massive traffic (up to 100,000 visitors monthly within 12 months). Subscribe to my newsletter.

Chimezirim Odimba writes to help hardworking folks succeed online.


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RSS Feeds and Content Syndication Part 2
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