A Dead Small Secret That Improves Adsense Revenue 65% Overnight


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Certain small changes in your adsense campaigns can shootup revenue almost overnight. Most people don’t know this. If you already get a lot traffic on your site and you get a sizeable click number, then this little tip is the next stage of implementation.

If you know anything about adwords, you know the same principle applies to adsense. Here’s how adword works. In adwords, the key element is determined by your keywords. Now, certain keywords are expensive to operate. For instance, keywords in the internet marketing and weight loss niche. The more competitive the niche is, the more the cost for operating successful adword campaigns. Lets assume you need $5 to operate successfully in those two niches. In like manner, there are niches that are very cheap to operate. With $0.05, you can get to the top of the advert listing.

Now, let’s return to adsense. Since the ads displayed on your site are determined by the adwords, it therefore means a “reverse engineering” should bring more revenue. Instead of targeting niches and keywords that deliver $0.05 worth of ads, you simply target those with high costs.

A very simple way to determine what keywords will be high paying will be to go to http://inventory. overture.com and do a search on the selected keywords. Using this easy to use keyword tool, you will be able to know at a glance search rates for those keywords and thus estimate its competitiveness and niche size. The higher, the better and the more will be paid per click.

It is simple to do. Find high paying keywords, then go out and look for articles online that are relevant to those keywords. Once you find them, post them on your blog or site alongside you adsense and see what happens next.

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