Sell E-Books and Reports and Get Rich from the Internet

Joshua Spaulding

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I started off with the easy ones, paid surveys and advertising on a few small sites that I created. A year went by and I made a little extra income but I knew I could make so much more.

So I sat back and thought about my past efforts and then thought about all the money I had spent. I thought, man, I’ve spent a lot of money on e-books and reports. Those guys really made a killing off of me. Most of the e-books and reports I purchased were of some type of value.

The problem was, I did not know how to create an e-book so I started with reports. I created a couple reports about simple basic things. How-to guides and things like that. I announced them on a few popular Internet marketing forums for just a few dollars. After the very first basic report, I made over one hundred. Now that was easy, now I wanted more.

I finally learned how to create an e-book and I was extremely upset with myself for not learning sooner, it was very easy. As a matter of fact I’ll tell you exactly how to do it in one sentence. Create your content in a word document then download a free copy of the writer and use it to easily transform the document into a . pdf file. That’s it, now you have an e-book that you can sell.

Now, you may be thinking, that’s great but I don’t know what kind of content to put into it. It’s easier than you think. If you have been trying to make money online for a while then you have probably learned quite a bit. You can start off by making an easy how-to guide. What is your main technique? You know how to do it right? If it is extremely basic then create it and be sure to put affiliate links inside. Now give it away to everyone and their brother. This will get your name out there and get you some residual income through the affiliate links.

If your e-book is about something a little more advanced then sell it. But you can still insert your affiliate links so you keep getting paid for years to come.

Selling and giving away e-books is not a secret. The thing that many people do not tell you is just how easy it is to create one and make an enormous amount of money from the Internet.

Joshua Spaulding is an Author and Webmaster providing Proven ways to Make Money Online . Joshua also runs a Quality Article Directory .


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Internet Business Success - 5 Crucial Steps to Strike it Rich on the Internet
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