The Case For Audio Books

Rick Carbone

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Have you noticed the sudden interest in audio books lately? You may say to yourself, why? The answer is fairly simple, but first let me pose another question. Have you noticed the sudden surge in mp3 players? Yep, they are connected. You already knew that, right? I agree that the two are tied in some way however, let me submit another scenario and one that I believe is a change in the way we get information and entertainment.

For several years now we have had the ability to listen to audio on our computers either through pre-packaged software such as an mp3 player on our PC’s and MAC’s or in a hand held portable device, such as an iPod(R) or other mp3 portable player. Most of the audio has been in the form of music and/or video, however in the last several years audio books have been very popular since they can be downloaded. Audio books on tape have been around much longer and “books on tape" have been around even longer. So why the interest in audio books now?

The age of high speed Internet access has made the sales of software, ebooks and music so simple and fast that the software, publishing and music industries have re-evaluated their delivery platforms and now look to the Internet as a major sales platform. Hence the emergence of audio books, and to be exact unabridged audio books seem to be the most popular.

There is also another very important reason why audio books will be more popular, and that is time. Not only has the Internet become high-speed but our daily lives as well. Multi-tasking is no longer just part of the business world but part of daily family life. If you have a family and a job you multi-task. How do you get in any additional personal development as well as entertainment? In other words, when do you have time to sit and read a book or get the latest information on your favorite pastime? The answer is simple. Listen to your favorite hobby, motivational speaker or favorite writer.

The audio book age is here and I think you will see it evolve into several segments. Business will utilize it for training of their busy executives, business people will utilize it for entertainment purposes while traveling or commuting. Work at home Moms and Dads will be able to multi-task during the day and students will have the ability to listen to requisite reading through their iPods.

There are many more ways to enlighten yourself with classic books that you never had the time or inclination to read during high school or college as well as technical reading from Pcs to organization and goal setting. The list is endless. The best part is that the new crop of audio books are immediately downloadable to a PC, MAC or mp3 Player. If you don’t have an mp3 player a good audio book site will show you how to burn your audio book on to a CD.

I find that I can do much more while I am listening to an audio book as my time becomes more productive.

The author has been conducting business online since 1998 and has most recently expanded business to include a major audio book site in addition to a major home business development site.


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