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The problem with SEO copy (search engine optimized) is that often reads very robotic, repetitive and cold. However so many marketing experts say that you need to make an emotional connection with your reader in order to make sales. This means that you need to find the fine balance between making your copy sound personal and pleasing the search engine spiders and robots.

First of all never pose yourself an expert or a guru if you are not one. People can usually tell that you aren’t within the first paragraph or so of an article, especially if it is peppered with keywords and not much quality content. This type of content is easily identifiable as it is based on old-fashioned direct sales marketing techniques. Once people see those long sales letters on sites, they know it’s snake oil salesman time. It is better to connect with them on a one to one basis rather than in an imitation of some hotshot copywriter from the 1970s.

Never use the royal “we". Stay away from phrases like “We here at Search Engine City promises to deliver you the best copy” instead make it more personal by using the “you or your" form as in: “You are certain to find a keyword analyzer that is perfect for that special someone at here at Search Engine City. ”

Another tip is to try and identify with your audience in some way. For instance if your audience is a bunch of affiliate marketers, refer to the practice of creating blogs with affiliate links as bum marketing which is the nickname for it. Try to write in the niche language that they are used to. Of course if you truly are an expert in your niche then writing this type of SEO enriched, yet user-friendly copy will not be difficult for you at all!

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5 Essential SEO Tips for Small Business SEO
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