Distinguishing The Real Experts From Wannabes


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With everyone and their dog touting their expertise as internet marketing experts, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

If you've not been burned by fake internet marketers, you don't have to, and you won't if you follow this simple advice.

1) Type their name into the search bar. See how many pages talk about them.

2) Install Google's toolbar and check the page rank of their main page. They may have new pages but they should have a page that should prove to you that they can help you.

3) Type ‘their name’ +'forums’ and read what people say about them. Weigh the overall leaning of the comments. There will be negative and positive. What you want is to feel the weighting across many forums.

4) This is the best: Do they have proof of folks they have helped succeed with their methods/tools? If they can show many hundreds then you are in the right hands. If they can show you thousands they've helped succeed, grab their offer no matter how tough you think it is. You’ve got the best.

5) Install Alexa's tool. Go to their main site. If it ranks worse than 20,000th, leave them, they may be real but they might not be time-tested. If you see any in the top 2000, you've got real experts. They've got your stuff.

6) Do some research. See how original their method is. If you see a lot of folks trying to copy them, then there is stuff in there. You just have to know who is copying and who is being copied.

7) Check how long they've been doing this stuff online. If they are new, then you can note them for later. But for now, stick with those who have some years to back up their claims.

If you do these, you're sure to get the true experts to guide you to internet marketing success.

There is an expert I have come to trust wholeheartedly. Virtually everything I do online is influenced by his teachings. He has helped tens of thousands succeed online. Do you want to learn how from him too? Click here to register and get most of his high quality stuff free.

Using his stuff and those of other experts, I have seen how to generate 100,000 visitors monthly within 12 months. You’ll see for yourself. I did not invent any of these methods. I just learnt from the masters in the game. You can join us if you’ll like to use their methods to explode your site’s traffic. Please, bear in mind, though, that all their methods require serious work.

You can do them with very little money but you CAN’T do them without a serious time investment (You can hire someone to implement the process for you). If this makes sense to you, join us here .

Chimezirim Odimba helps people succeed online.


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