The Easiest Way To Build A Huge List


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The money is in the list I know you've heard that so many times and you're sick and tired of hearing it. Why? Because you don't have a list and still can't figure out how to build those huge lists.

Don't worry, help's available to you in this short article. But I must warn that if you are the type who thinks of getting something for nothing, then, you'd better look elsewhere. If you're afraid of work, run, don't walk

I'll give you a simple process that works: Write high value articles. Write articles that will solve problems. Next, submit them to article directories like this and put your link in your resource box.

Please, don't tell them about the number of PhD's you've got. They couldn't care less. Tell them where they can get more information and they will flood your site like ants to sugar. Now, I am writing in the assumption that the articles you've submitted are high value and useful to readers.

You must have heard of a name squeeze page. It's been proven to be very effective. Use it. However, you can still build your list without a name squeeze page. You'll only get fewer (and many times, higher quality) subscribers.

Whether you use a name squeeze page or not, you'll get a good response if the quality of your article is high. And, please, treat them with high value content consistently once they start subscribing. Remember, if you send them trash when they expect gold, they'll simply unsubscribe in droves.

The numbers might not be much at first, but if you keep up writing and submitting high quality articles daily you'll soon have a substantial list.

If you want it fast (10,000 subscribers in 3 months), submit 20 high quality articles daily and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

But, please, don't submit an article every other week and expect the flood gates to be flung open.

You can easily build a huge and responsive list if you have a site that gets the click. You can get all you need to build a site that gets the clicks here.

Do you get the kind of traffic you desire? If your answer is “No” and you’re willing to work hard (No stuff for lazy folks here) then join us to learn how you can start getting 100,000 high quality visitors to your site within 12 months.

Chimezirim Odimba writes to help serious-minded folks succeed online.


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The Easiest Way To Cultivate A List
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