Click-Thru rates On Google Banner Ads Outperform Click-Through Ratios Of Other Media Banners


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Does your website serve banner ads as a way of generating advertising revenue? Then You should know that the click-thru rates on Google Banner Ads outperform the click-through ratios of the other major media, including Casale, ValueClick, and Busrt Media.

What does this mean for your website? It means that Google banner ads will generate a higher number of clicks and earn more advertising revenue.

Why do Google banner ads achieve higher click-thru ratios than other banner ads? Just like Adsense, Google banner ads are relevant to the content on any given webpage. So, banners that are relevant to what the website’s audience is interested in will be displayed. The others display random banner ads so the likelihood of a user clicking one it is reduced.

Perhaps you didn't know that Google offers banner ads? Google is traditionally known for Adsense, it pay-per-click (PPC) text-link ads. But they do provide banners as well and pay out based on CPC rather than the traditional CPM for banners. You can sign up just as you do for Adsense but you would choose the option for “image ads only. " The cost-per-click on image ads tends to be approximately the same as the cost-per-click on text ads.

In my experience, I have found that click-through rates on Google’s image ads are more than a full percentage point higher than the click-throughs on other banner ads. One percentage point may not seem like much, but think of it this way: If your website serves 100,000 banners per day, one percentage point equals 1000 clicks. That’s 1000 more clicks a day which translates into a lot more revenue for your website.

Tino Buntic created TradePals to provide free advertising to business professionals across The U. S. and Canada, like to this caterer from Canton, Ohio, for example.


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